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Clean Up Emotions to Succeed

Many aren’t aware that NLP is an amazing emotion detection tool that can track emotions that influence human decision-making and help us communicate to the


How to look and feel great!

How to Look & Feel Great. Reverse aging, which hormones & peptides help woman, male health, ED, Stem Cells. 3 forms of Fitness routines, detox,


I Miss You Dad

My father, Nick Senior, was a loud, outspoken, and proud man. He was defined by his strong work ethic. As both a truck driver and


Step by Step Journey to Better Health

Your journey to better health starts here! We at Delgado Protocol take your health seriously and give it the utmost attention possible (unlike a traditional doctor). Let us help you get your health back to what it was like when you were in your mid 20’s!


Success in Health & Wealth in 2023

The attainment of wealth, a great relationship partner and constantly and ever improving health requires dedication, discipline and action on a daily even an hourly


Mastering Love, Sex, & Intimacy

I’m author of a new book release “Disease Hacking” (Look & Feel Great by Unlocking the Energy Code) and Mastering Love Sex and Intimacy &


Thank you Family and Friends

It has been a challenging year and you have no idea how much this morning means to me to receive a letter of deep gratitude.