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The Sleep code to Emotional & Physical Rejuvenation by Dr Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

Helping people with their journey to health, happiness and their goals in career, relationships and longevity.

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Here is a Holiday gift to you because deep natural SLEEP is a beautiful way to improve happiness as you extend the quality of your Life.

Read and accept this gift today for being our VIP client

Play this every night prior to bed for 7 consecutive nights (consistent repetition of listening will improve your daily conscious decisions) as you are assured  to benefit in health, relationship and career.  Listen all night for deep enhanced sleep:

 “Sleep for Health, Career & Relationships, 9 hours Relaxation with Dr Nick Delgado”:

Have you ever heard the comment: “I slept like a baby?”  A famous comedian once said Babies do not sleep well.  I have 4 grandkids who are up every few hours all night to eat or play or fuss like all babies do. I asked my son Nicholas and Jason and my daughter Cherish to play this for their babies.

I’m asked occasionally by friends who have kids or babies if they can play just the music part?  This will work for adults or babies by just scroll ahead by 30 minutes and start the session.


Put your phone to the darkness screen on the phone – as the room must be completely dark for the best night of sleep.  Be sure to cover up night clocks because even a small amount of light will interfere with sleep.  In a very dark room your pineal gland can keep producing melatonin to insure sleep. It’s a good idea to wear a comfortable night mask over your eyes like they offer on airplanes to assure darkness for optimum sleep!

Special Delta wave for deep sleep

The music on this video is a special frequency at 432 Hz with a mix of high and low frequency sounds that allows the relaxing soothing effect on the mind. As you listen at very low volume it will help the brain waves to go into the deepest delta state for quality sleep.

Why is this the best sleep program online?

Almost all online sleep tapes do not transfer the sound waves to youtube properly. These sleep tapes may help what some people call “white noise”  yet ideal for sleep is “pink noise” a mix of high and low frequencies that sounds more balanced and natural. These inferior sleep tapes using “white noise” will not work as well as this special sleep program my expert sound engineers were able to record for you!

 Theta is a high learning relaxed state

Our mind drifts in an alpha state during creativity and daydreaming to a Beta wave when you are in the middle of deep thinking. Gamma waves are associated with problem solving, happiness and compassion. Theta state is a highly focused relaxed free flowing state without censorship or guilt, where you gain learnings to accomplish important goals in your life.

As you lay down to sleep, you will hear my voice for several minutes (or you can record your own voice with our Eyes Open Hypnosis scripts*) as you go from Theta to Delta waves with continuous low volume rhythmic music to reach the deepest levels of sleep.

Caffeine during the day interferes with Sleep

A note many of my clients are caffeine free all day.  Why? Even 1 cup of coffee, green tea or guarana, energy drinks, pre-work out supplements are all loaded with caffeine.  Many people do not metabolize caffeine well like me. Caffeine delays the natural build up of adenosine while we are awake and makes us feel sleepy by the end of the day. You may notice going without coffee for a few weeks you will start to catch up with missed sleep and no longer need an alarm clock. This removal of caffeine helps take you to a deeper state of rejuvenative sleep.

Alcohol disrupts sleep

Avoid alcohol at night before bed because the quality of sleep is less than ideal. Alcohol initially helps some people get to sleep, however drinking disrupts the natural sleep cycle and the quality of sleep through the night.

Cool Clean Room for Sleep

Keep the room cool like 68 degrees F while others prefer 62 to 65 degrees. If you run an air conditioner be sure you have an ionizer like the “Everest” to remove air particles and microbes. If you are running heat during cold weather be sure to run a vaporizer to keep your lungs moist since dry air can leave respiratory distress or a cough.

Sleep Mood Enhancer

Is the lithium salt of orotic acid and is commonly used to promote a positive mood. In addition to supporting a healthy outlook and emotional wellness, low dosages of lithium orotate have been shown in research to support the brain’s natural detoxification process, provide antioxidant support, and promote the natural balance of neurotransmitters in the brain.

 Upon waking play this one hour program every morning below. I recorded with cool suggested embedded enhancements to the quality of your life relationships and health. Amazing Relationships, Career & Health, Awakening or Relax

Note we offer cool Mind set neuro-reprogramming scripts that are guaranteed to work for even people with busy minds .

see online courses for more advanced learning at

Friends please come on as our guest for a FREE session To one of our Mentorship VIP mastermind every Wednesday night 5-615 pm PST / 8-915 pm EST

See the special offer at the end of this intake acceptance. Complete this 15 minute evaluation to win a complimentary gift of two free sessions*

This will be the guide for your journey as you emersion to the 6 codes of health – to balance your hormones, exercise including my novel 12 minute workout for busy people, detoxifying, love and connection and plant based whole food oil free sugar free cuisines and whole natural herbal supplements

Thank you. Dr Nick Delgado, PhD, ABAAHP Author 15 books,

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