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Is Excessive Estrogen A Silent Killer of Women?

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

Helping people with their journey to health, happiness and their goals in career, relationships and longevity.

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When you hear the word “estrogen,” you likely think of a female reproductive hormone that’s involved in the menstrual cycle—perhaps you go so far as to associate it with women who are acting “hormonal.”

You likely don’t think “silent killer.”

But that’s exactly what estrogen becomes when it accumulates in the body to the point that it tips the scale of hormonal balance—a condition known as “estrogen dominance.”

While, yes, estrogen is a necessary hormone for both sexes, there is such a thing as too much of it. Since there are 40 different types of estrogen that are becoming increasingly more prevalent in our food supply, medicines, and environment, the chances that you have too much estrogen in proportion to your other hormones—a condition known as estrogen dominance—in your body is incredibly high.
If you are a woman over the age of 35, there is an 80 percent chance that you have estrogen dominance and don’t even know it.

Men aren’t home free either. Although estrogen is often thought of as a ‘female’ hormone, men naturally manufacture and use estrogen too, and due to numerous factors of modern-day living they also have too much estrogen in relation to their other hormones.

In fact, Dr. Ron Klatz, president of the “American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine”, calls estrogen dominance “the most prominent health issue affecting American men ages 20 to 65.”

Even teens—of both sexes—aren’t safe. They are suffering from two conditions that have estrogen dominance at their root in record numbers: One in three teens is now obese, and rates of adolescent hormonal acne have risen significantly around the world since 1990.

Estrogen dominance is rarely diagnosed and massively under-treated, which is a true tragedy because countless symptoms and health disorders could be reversed by simply eliminating excess estrogens from the body, including:

• Breast tissue “Bitch Tits” in men (gynecomastia)
• Decreased sex drive
• Erectile dysfunction
• Menstrual irregularity
• Cold hands or feet
• Mood swings
• Insomnia
• Headaches
• Water retention or bloating
• Muscle mass loss
• Hair loss & Acne
• Premenstrual Syndrome -PMS
Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder PMDD
• Infertility
• Irritability
• Fibroids
• Fibrocystic breasts
• Low energy
• Bone density loss
• Allergies
• Weight gain (especially around the abdomen)

Diseases associated with Estrogen Exposure

Estrogen dominance also accelerates the aging process—leading to wrinkly skin, impaired physical performance and reduced vitality—and has been linked to a host of health conditions and diseases, including:

• Autoimmune disorders
• Breast cancer
• Cardiovascular disease
• Depression
• Endometriosis
• Lupus
• Obesity
• Ovarian cysts
• Polycystic ovarian syndrome
• Prostate cancer
• Stroke
• Thyroid dysfunction
• Uterine cancer

Sources of toxic Estrogens

It’s no wonder that so many of these diseases are on the rise, because substances that influence estrogen levels—known as endocrine disruptors—are lurking everywhere in our environment, including:
• Pesticides
• Fungicides
• Herbicides
• The water supply and in the coatings of the insides of water pipes

• Takeout food containers
• Plastic cutlery
• Paints
• Adhesives
• The coatings inside metal cans—including the cans food is packaged in
• Carpet
• No-iron sheets
• Mattresses
• Automobile interiors
• Cosmetics
• Antibacterial soap

You will learn which meats or dairy foods are highest in Beta-estradiol.
Are you suffering from estrogen dominance—the most pervasive hormone imbalance (and root of multiple diseases)? How can you not be exposed? The medical community is only beginning to understand. Find out:

• Why men and male & female teenagers should care about their estrogen levels—not just women.
• How the doctor can help you to assess your own symptoms and work and determine your true estrogen levels (and why the standard blood test completely misses the mark)
• A proven, protocol to restore your body’s ability to process hormones, and heal the root cause of a laundry list of seemingly disconnected symptoms
• The tools to uncover the sources of hidden estrogens in your diet and your environment so that maintain your hormonal balance for radiant health

Estrogen Excesses are dangerous

Fortunately, the biggest hurdle to recovering from estrogen dominance is simply recognizing that you have it. Once diagnosed, it can be treated. And once you become aware of all the sources of estrogens in your diet and life, you can make choices that enable you to avoid it. Recovery—and maintenance of that recovery—is possible.

How am I so confident in the power of restoring estrogen levels to improve health? I’ve spent more than two decades immersed in research. I’ve spoken extensively to dozens of the top doctors and researchers who are currently working to expose the body of the iceberg that is estrogen dominance.

I developed a protocol to restore hormonal balance, and it works – 95% of the clients I work with, who follow the protocol, experience a significant decline in their “bad estrogen” levels while preserving the “good estrogens” and uptick in their overall health: Their acne resolves, they get pregnant if that is their goal, their spare tires and man boobs melt away, their breast cancer doesn’t recur and their prostate issues recede, and they turn back the clock inside their own bodies, restoring their bloodwork to youthful levels. In short, they become the healthiest person they know.

But this crucial message—that an overload of estrogen is ruining our collective health unnecessarily—needs to get in the hands of even more people. This fact needs to be presented along with the proven instructions for healing estrogen dominance and maintaining hormonal balance over the long-term.

Why hasn’t the medical world connected the dots between estrogen and so many epidemics, including obesity, breast and prostate cancers, and acne?

Why urine testing detects Estrogen Dominance?

The answer remains that they [the medical world] have been too focused on treating symptoms to notice the root. Also, the testing most doctors use to determine estrogen levels is woefully inaccurate—the current standard blood test detects only three different forms of estrogen, when, in reality, there are over 40 types of which 6 types of estrogens must be monitored closely with 24 hour urine testing, not just blood tests.

In addition, the accepted range of estrogen levels according to allopathic medicine is based on a sick population whose overall health is declining. Meaning, even if you diligently participate in your annual physical, and your doctor monitors your estrogen levels with just blood tests, you could be told your hormone levels are “normal” when in fact you have estrogen dominance, because 24 urine hormone tests have been ignored.

This is why I’ve been so focused on talking to the individuals who are on the leading edge of estrogen research—so that we can unite the many disparate threads into one strand that we can then hold out as a lifeline to patients who are struggling with a too-often undiagnosed affliction.

Bringing estrogen into a healthy range is the key that unlocks the gate to clear skin, a flat tummy, a healthy reproductive system and reduced breast cancer and prostate cancer rates.

Instead, we’ve been trying to use hammers—hammers that are not only ineffective but further compromise patients’ health;

Acne sufferers are given harsh topical creams that only further inflame the skin. Those who meet the clinical definition of obesity are given a finger wag and nothing more than vague instructions to eat less and move more, and so the weight stays on.

Breast and prostate cancer patients are given three options—chemo, radiation, or surgery—and told their diet doesn’t matter.
It’s not just physical conditions Dr. Nick Delgado and The Delgado Protocol seeks to improve—it’s mental and emotional health; A fifth of the 50 million acne sufferers have considered suicide.

Obese or overweight people, those 25 lbs or more above ideal body weight are significantly more likely to suffer from depression than those of normal weight. Are 90% of our population in the western world exposed to estrogen dominance? It’s more than just bodies I aim to heal; it’s lives.

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