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Why Healthy Adrenal Glands Are Essential to Immunity

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

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The government has unveiled plans to start reopening the country in phases but failed to address the one thing that can keep the ‘pandemic’ under control as we get back to our normal lives - a healthy immune system. COVID-19 is a new virus which means we don't have herd immunity to it yet, this makes it much more contagious (although no more dangerous) than the cold and flu. In fact, it’s estimated that 40-70% of adults worldwide will contract the virus over the next two years. It's also estimated that 80% of infected individuals have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all, which is a sign that their immune system is functioning properly. 

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Amidst COVID-19 and the Imperative to Boost Immune System

The government’s phased reopening plans lack a crucial focus on fortifying our immune systems, essential for navigating post-pandemic life. COVID-19’s novelty heightens its contagiousness, lacking herd immunity, making proactive immune health pivotal. Estimates project widespread virus contraction globally, emphasizing the need for robust individual defenses.

adrenal glands

Understanding Immune Support Amidst COVID-19 Uncertainty

Prioritizing immune strength can mitigate virus susceptibility, minimize symptoms, and curb viral transmission. Bolstering adrenal gland functionality stands pivotal in reinforcing these defenses. Discover why this facet is critical and explore clinically endorsed herbal remedies for optimizing both adrenal and immune functions.

The Adrenal Gland-Immune System Nexus

Despite their modest size, adrenal glands wield immense influence over immune modulation. They secrete vital elements regulating immune cells, microbe proliferation, and cytokine expression. These glands manage stress, produce key immune-related substances like DHEA, and balance cortisol to check inflammation—essential in averting immune-related damage during viral infections.

Cortisol: The Immune System’s Ally

Crucially, the adrenal glands oversee cortisol release, pivotal in regulating stress and inflammation. Studies showcasing cortisol’s efficacy in alleviating symptoms within a short span underline its significance. However, modern lifestyles often compromise adrenal functionality, necessitating herbal aid to restore optimal performance.

Enhancing Immune Vigilance Naturally with Herbs

Several herbs exhibit promise in fortifying adrenal function and naturally elevating cortisol levels:

  1. Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE): Renowned for its potent antioxidants and immune-stimulating bioflavonoids, GSE demonstrates remarkable antimicrobial efficacy across various strains.
  2. Licorice Root: Long-utilized in Chinese Medicine, licorice root boasts potent antimicrobial attributes, notably maintaining healthy cortisol levels and aiding immune response.
  3. Echinacea: Amplifying the overall immune cell activity against diverse infections, Echinacea effectively bolsters the body’s defense mechanisms.
  4. Lomatium Root Powder: A stalwart in traditional medicine, Lomatium effectively curtails inflammatory cytokine levels, crucial in preventing immune dysfunction.
  5. Garlic Bulb Extract: Renowned for its immune-boosting properties, garlic enhances immune cell activity and reinforces the body’s defenses.

Empowering Your Immune Shield: Adrenal Immune Support

A synergistic blend of these potent herbs, coupled with adrenal cortex and other immunity-enhancing elements, forms the basis of Adrenal Immune Support. This nutraceutical offers comprehensive immune reinforcement. Administered as directed, it can fortify defenses against viral onslaughts like COVID-19.

To delve deeper into immune defense strategies, join our FREE emergency web event on April 22nd at 4 pm PST: “Coronavirus: 5 Proven Ways to Strengthen the Immune System.” Additionally, take our free immunity quiz at

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