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The COVID-19 Test Wasn’t Meant for Detecting Viruses

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

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The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide, as of April 7th is 1.4 million and the global death toll is 81,000. We need to stop panicking and keep this in perspective - according to the CDC, the 2019-2020 seasonal influenza caused over 29 million illnesses worldwide and 16,000 deaths in the US alone. And demographics of the most serious and fatal COVID-19 cases from around the world show they all have similar profiles - these patients are primarily over 65 with underlying diseases and immune dysfunctions. While there are some cases of younger adults who appeared healthy but have ended up in the hospital from COVID-19, this is not a random occurrence - it is indicative of an underlying immune system dysfunction.

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Unveiling the Accuracy of COVID-19 Tests: What You Need to Know

As the count of COVID-19 infections surges, there’s a pressing question: How reliable are these reported numbers and the tests determining them? The accuracy of COVID-19 tests, often overlooked, demands attention. Let’s delve into the accuracy of these tests and the unsettling truths I’ve uncovered.

Accuracy Issues with COVID-19 Tests

The widely-used Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test, invented in 1985 by Kary Mullis, wasn’t intended for disease detection. Dr. David Rasnick, a biochemist, warns against its use in clinical medicine, highlighting its deceptive nature in diagnosing infectious diseases. The CDC itself advises against giving PCR tests to asymptomatic individuals due to the likelihood of false positives, reaching up to 80%.

Moreover, the scarcity of tests during the initial pandemic phase skewed infection numbers. Even as tests became more available, the likelihood of false positives further inflated the reported cases.

Challenges and Solutions in Testing

Another challenge lies in the limited testing of only those with severe symptoms, disregarding asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic individuals. However, advancements in testing, such as the newest Antibody COVID-19 test kits, show promise. These kits, being considered by the FDA, not only identify past infections but also offer insights into immunity, missing only 30% of those previously infected, compared to the PCR test’s staggering 75% inaccuracy.

Beyond Reported Numbers

The reality is that a significant portion of COVID-19 cases presents mild symptoms, with an estimated 50% being asymptomatic. Consequently, the WHO’s calculated case fatality rate of 3.4% overlooks these individuals who recovered without being accounted for.

Strengthening Immunity and Understanding Viruses

Instead of a constant emphasis on staying safe, it’s crucial to recognize the resilience of our immune system. It’s essential to acknowledge that coronavirus-related fatalities often result from underlying chronic conditions rather than the virus itself.

Exploring the Role of Protective Viruses

Beyond the narrative of viruses as solely detrimental, certain viruses, like bacteriophages (phages), play protective roles. These viruses combat specific bacteria, bolstering our natural immune defenses against invasive bacterial infections.

COVID-19 test

Immune Enhancement Strategies

Discover effective strategies for fortifying your immune system against COVID-19. Join my FREE Emergency Web Event on April 22nd, 4 pm PST: “Coronavirus: 5 Proven Ways to Strengthen the Immune System.” Additionally, take a free immunity quiz here to assess your immune system’s strengths and weaknesses.

Leveraging Natural Defenses

Explore the potential of phages in combating drug-resistant infections, offering a beacon of hope amid rising antibiotic resistance.

Elevate Your Immune System

Elevate your immune health with proven herbs and 35 effective steps. Learn more here.

In conclusion, understanding the intricacies of COVID-19 testing accuracy and acknowledging the multifaceted roles of viruses in our bodies is pivotal in navigating this pandemic.

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