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Autism & Developmentally delayed Research

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

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Please note the treatments below that make no difference, or noticeable improvement. Please note what does seem to help, be detailed in observations and changes.

Treatments to try:

Change in diet – Low fat, High fiber, Unprocessed – Delgado diet

Allergy Elimination diet:

  • Brown rice, puffed rice, rice flour, Sweet potatoes, winter squash, tapioca, taro or poi, most green, yellow, or orange vegetables (all cooked): celery, string beans, asparagus, spinach, lettuce, summer squash, aritchokes, chard, beet greens, beets etc.
  • Most non-citrus fruits (all cooked): peaches, cherries, apricots, plums, cranberries, papaya, prunes etc. (jar of cooked baby food)
  • No condiments, only light use of salt (no salad dressing, mustard, lemon juice, vinegar, herbs, spices etc.)
  • No beverages – only water
  • Do above for one week, a considerable improvement should be noticed if part of the problem is due to a food allergy. Then add in new food served three times a day, watch for any adverse reaction in a few hours or days.
  • If you do have an adverse reaction to a food, wait seven days before testing the next food! Phenolic (aromatic) food compounds cause depressed serotonin, elevated histamine, and prostaglandins*, and abnormal complement and immune complex formation. J.of Orthomolecular Psychiatry; 1983 12(4) 283-291

Supplements to Take:

  • B Complex: Bl B2
  • B3 Niacin (1 to 3 grams)
  • BIS Pangamic Acid up to 200 mg daily
  • Folic Acid (possibly omit see Peffier M.D. “Nutrition and Mental Illness” it elevates histamine levels making allergies worse).
  • Pantothenic acid 200 to 600 mg
  • B6 dosage .. up to 200 mg day (Dr. Carl Pfeiffer says up to 2,000mg day until dream recall)
  • Magnesium to offset sensistivity to noise, bedwetting (side effect of B6)- if tingling occurs in fingers or feet, shift to pyridoxal phosphate B6 at a reduce dosage to 200 mg a day. I found at 600 mg a day(6 – 100 mg capsules) dream recall was enhanced.
  • Vitamin C (1 to 3 grams) (MXM- bioflavoinoids- natural, as opposed to just Ascorbic Acid)
  • Glutamic Acid
  • Zinc (25 mg morning and evening is an antidote to high copper levels)

Tests Your Doctor Must Do:

  • *Test blood and hair for heavy metal exposure:
  • High fiber oats of wheat bran to remove Lead, copper, aluminum exposure (Chelation therapy?)
  • Test for Histamine levels urine and blood plasma
  • Rast allergy tests IGE, IGG for food and mold, IGE for Inhalants
  • Test for Mauve factor- Pyrroles in urine
  • Blood morphology
  • Fibrin dry blood
  • *Microscope search test for candida, lab test for candida, Rast allergy test for candida
  • Yeast Connection – Candida treatment – Nizoral 200 mg
  • Lipid panel-Triglycerides(fat in the blood impaires brain function worse than anythingdepriving the brain of oxygen). Cholesterol cloggs arteries to the brain leading to a type of senility.
  • Smac Chemistry panel
  • Dr. Bandier -“Kidney Dialysis is the only thing that works for Autistic patients”. He believes that autistic patients will respond quickly during and after dialysis, because it pulls all the abnormal chemicals out of the bloodstream. This will allow for more normal brain function.
  • NLP- matching and mirroring, is a process where you imitate every movement(hands, body position, head movements, facial expressions etc) breathing pace and depth. This will enhance communication and awarness of the developmentally delayed person.
  • Float tank- if they wont go in a tank, then environ both, or just try total isolation for 30 minutes, darkness, dark glasses, no sound, -then play a relaxation tape). immediately after, learning ability should be enhanced. If there is something you want to teach a person, play a tape(audio or video during or immediately after, then go back into isolation for 30 more minutes and recall will be enhanced, according to the book MegaBrain power, by Michael
  • Hutchison, float tank concept allows for more memory recall, and it is more powerful than hypnosis.
  • Behavioral conditioning therapy
  • Holding therapy
  • Art & human figure drawing therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Heavy weight lifting
  • Aerobic training – long distance running or walking
  • Team sports: baseball, basketball
  • Dolphins therapy? – some research indicates communication is enhanced, and dolphins stimulate the process.

Please keep this list with you and show it to every doctor that sees the child. Have them add to this list of tests or treatments that should be done, and let us know at Delgado Medical. (949) 720-1554 Send information to : Delgado Protocol  711 W 17th St #7, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 attn: Nick Delgado M.S., Ph.D


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