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Alcohol Addiction? Is glass wine nightly Deadly? | 38 Reason to be Sober

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

Helping people with their journey to health, happiness and their goals in career, relationships and longevity.

Alcoholism Points:

  • 1. Depression and Suicide is 8 x higher in abuse of alcohol because it lowers a persons inhibition to act on suicidal thoughts!.
  • 2. Dehydration danger – electrolytes lost, need with water & Sea minerals
  • 3. If you Start drinking at Early age 12,13,14 will more likely become an alcoholic, age 21 in the USA is less likely unless one has a genetic tendency to alcoholism.
  • 4. family alcoholic Genetic tendency (12-24 drinks per week) beer-1 oz, vodka or whiskey 1 oz, wine 1 oz 1-3 drinks in a week is maximum
  • 5. One to two drinks a DAY not to intoxication is where French die of the highest incidence of death from cirrhosis of the liver death in the world
  • 6. Alcohol kills good Bacteria not just bad bacteria
  • 7. Leaky gut – bad bacteria enter bloodstream higher risk flu
  • 8. Alcohol uses up NAD+ critical feel good nucleotides, coenzyme for metabolism. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide NAD+ is found in every cell of our body. Enzymes called sirtuins & PARPs seem to prolong life by repairing damaged DNA. NAD+ may reverse aging, while alcohol likely accelerates aging.
  • 9. Inflammation triggered ? Need probiotic ( Kimchi, sauerkraut)
  • 10. Alcohol Drastically alters cortisol, increases anxiety and stress.
  • 11. Addictive people cannot produce enough cortisol and by drinking they get a temporary release of cortisol makes them feel good
  • 12. 1 glass of wine interfere with sleep per Mathew Walker “Why we Sleep” slow wave sleep, deep REM sleep disrupted
  • 13. hangover the next day from 3 or more drinks because pseudo sleep – disrupted. It takes over 24 hours or longer to reduce blood alcohol concentration to zero.
  • 14. Gut microbiome disrupted – feel Hangover ( Happy Gut)
  • 15. Headache Hangover ? First dilate then constriction of blood vessels- severe headaches – do not take aspirin as this will burden your liver which already burden by alcohol
  • 16. Eating food only delays a hangover? No benefit
  • 17. More alcohol will worsen hangover and not help recovery “Hair of the Dog”
  • 18. Cold shower? James Bond Showers” increase epinephrine & adrenaline reduce slightly as Dopamine increases to mildly relieve hangovers.
  • 22. Do NLP, time line therapy journey let go of negative emotions and past emotional hurts with weekly sessions far more effective than AA ( Not good to being around other drunks). Yet you did need support from friends and family who do not drink. Stop access and the flow of alcohol.
  • 23. Love & connection with friends and enjoy sports that do not allow alcohol sponsors.
  • 24. Go dancing & dating without drinking
  • 25. Emotional support & do feel good activities, yoga, swim, laugh- funny comedy, concerts with friends who will support you drink free fun
  • 26. Red wine is not good since resveratrol is so low that grapes & supplements with NAD & resveratrol are better.
  • 27. Adrenal support? Take “Adrenal DMG because it helps adrenal produce cortisol in place of adrenaline & DMG restored weak liver.
  • 28. Alcohol destroys brain cells & memory – my dad’s friends at bars told the same stories 20 years later !
  • 29. Alcohol risks cancer? Alter DNA methylation need DNA protection “Hair Skin Detox & Liver Detox”
  • 30. Russian & Japanese drinks have higher grams of alcohol in their beer – 4 x risk of breast cancer because of cell gene expression. Dis regulation – brain PD1 pathway upregulated. DIM 855 broccoli sprouts sulforaphane to slow tumor growth.
  • 31. 10 cigarettes may equal 1 beer or 1 glass of wine a day is deadly for lung cancer. Up 13% increase breast cancer from 1-10 drinks per week. Make it illegal to advertise, like cigarettes banned from Sponsor sports.
  • 32. B-Active -Folate & B12 may reduce cancer risk as methyl donor
  • 33. Drink alcohol destroys B12 levels in the liver storage for over 1 year
  • 34. DO Not Drink prior to Pregnancy “fetal alcohol syndrome” permanent brain damage in babies & reduce limbs. No type of alcohol is safe even Champagne or beer is water & fat soluble damaging to babies brain development. Forehead size. Genitals shrink
  • 35. Zero alcohol is best, low to moderate is worse & high alcohol intake is worst
  • 36. Best way to avoid loss of family and friends, hangovers, jail loss of privileges, expensive hospital visits, drunk driving, murder others or premature death is do not drink alcohol- pretend it’s a “drink” with just orange juice.
  • 37. Alcohol worst is beer -Hormones altered testosterone converts to more estrogen dominance – (reduce libido) increase man breast tissue (gyno)
  • 38. SOLUTION Supplements take EstroBlock – phase 1-2 LivDtox -3 Hair Skin detox Take Adrenal DMG, NAD, B-Active, Happy Gut, plant based oil free sugar free organic diet & exercise, Timeline therapy downloads & hypnosis

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