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The Coronavirus? Here’s immediate simple steps You can take that will surprise You

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

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Fear over the coronavirus continues to climb - but it's primarily fueled by misinformation and sensationalization. People are being led to believe that the coronavirus is extremely dangerous and deadly. It's ironic that just a few days ago the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Director-General Dr. Tedros stated: “Most people will have mild disease and get better without needing any special care.” And now the WHO has released a fear-mongering death rate estimate of 3.4 percent; this estimate is quite implausible, if not wildly inaccurate. 

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Addressing Misinformation Surrounding Coronavirus

The fear around the coronavirus outbreak is significantly fueled by misinformation and sensationalization. It’s crucial to understand the factual risks associated with the virus.


Understanding Risks: Age and Immune Response

According to Dipnarine Maharaj MD, individuals past the age of 60 face increased risks due to declining immune system functions. Similar to the common cold or flu, fatalities primarily affect this age group.

Real Risks for Younger Individuals

Contrary to popular belief, young individuals, while susceptible, often recover without significant complications. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, and poor diet contribute to heightened risks.

Challenging Misconceptions: Real Death Rates

Recent estimates by the World Health Organization (WHO) suggest a death rate of 3.4 percent. However, considering unreported mild cases, the actual rate could be as low as 0.5%.

Comparable Risks: Coronavirus vs. Influenza

The odds of death for healthy, non-elderly individuals are akin to those associated with the seasonal flu, yet the fear surrounding the coronavirus is disproportionate.

Empowering Actions for Protection

Contrary to media claims, there are proactive measures to minimize risks beyond masks and disinfectants. Strengthening your immune system significantly reduces susceptibility and promotes swift recovery.

Strengthening Immunity: Practical Steps

Adopting a wholefoods-based diet, regular exercise, quality sleep, sun exposure, stress management, and minimizing toxin exposure are pivotal in fortifying your immune system.

Combatting Toxins: Detrimental Effects on Immunity

The modern environment inundates us with toxins, compromising our immune function. Managing toxin exposure through dietary changes, water filtration, and natural products is vital for immune health.

Mitigating Toxic Load

Reducing exposure to alcohol, chemicals, and drugs, and considering holistic health support under professional guidance can alleviate the burden on your immune system.

Strengthening Liver Health for Immunity

Supplementing with Liv D-Tox, featuring milk thistle and potent antioxidants, aids liver regeneration and supports immune function.

Further Insights: Understanding Immunity Impact

For detailed insights into how chemicals and alcohol affect immunity in the context of the coronavirus, watch the informative video here.

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