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Coronavirus Defense: 3 Lifestyle Modifications to Safeguard Yourself

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

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Despite its epidemic status - your risk of contracting the coronavirus is largely in your hands. I've already shared with you precautionary steps you should take and 3 ways to boost your natural defenses to become immune to the virus. And now I’d like to share 3 easy and free lifestyle modifications that will make you far less susceptible to succumbing to the virus. 

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Reducing Coronavirus Risk: 3 Free Lifestyle Changes

In the pursuit of safeguarding against the coronavirus, taking charge of your susceptibility is pivotal. Previously, I outlined precautionary measures and strategies to enhance natural defenses against the virus. Now, let’s delve into three uncomplicated lifestyle adjustments that significantly minimize vulnerability to the virus.


Coronavirus: Boosting Immunity with Sun Exposure

A staggering number of Americans lack sufficient vitamin D due to inadequate sun exposure, a crucial element for bolstering the immune system. Vitamin D3, converted from dehydrocholesterol under the skin by sunlight, plays a pivotal role in immune response. Insufficiency weakens your body’s defense, making you more susceptible to infections.

A mere 15 minutes outdoors sans sunglasses immensely improves immune quality. Sun exposure also triggers the release of potent protective hormones like testosterone, elevating LH by an impressive 67%. For a safe alternative, consider our Vitamin D3 supplement, infused with 5,000 IU of probiotics, a surefire way to fortify your immune system against viruses.

Strengthening Immune Response through Exercise

Exercise serves as a multifaceted shield against illnesses by purging viruses and bacteria from the respiratory system. It induces favorable changes in white blood cells and antibodies, enhancing disease resistance. Notably, activities like running or rebounding on a bungee cord trampoline escalate immune efficiency tenfold, significantly boosting lymphatic flow.

Gradually transitioning from walking to brisk walking and eventually to running is advisable for newcomers to exercise. Additionally, weight-based workouts with minimal rest intervals drastically enhance immune capabilities. Opt for weights that allow for continuous, nonstop sets to derive maximum benefits.

Exercise also mitigates stress hormone release, specifically adrenaline, which, in turn, fortifies the body against illnesses.

Coronavirus: Prioritizing Quality Sleep for Immune Fortification

Underscoring the significance of adequate, quality sleep cannot be overstated. During sleep, the body undergoes repair, while the immune system releases vital protective proteins called cytokines, pivotal in safeguarding against viral and bacterial infections. Insufficient sleep elevates stress hormone levels, diminishing infection-fighting antibodies and cells.

To optimize sleep quality, consider adjusting your bedtime by one full hour earlier and waking naturally without alarms. Incorporating NLP Neuro reprogramming audio scripts aids in achieving profound rejuvenating sleep, fostering a robust immune system.

For deeper insights into how these lifestyle modifications impact disease susceptibility and tips for optimizing sun exposure, exercise routines, and sleep, refer to my comprehensive video guide.

By integrating these lifestyle changes, fortifying your body against viral threats becomes an achievable goal, empowering you to reduce coronavirus susceptibility effectively.

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