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Breakthrough COVID-19 Discoveries and 3 Promising All-Natural Therapy!

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

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In the past few days, a mountain of valuable new insights into COVID-19 has been revealed and it appears we’ve been treating patients for the wrong disease! In a way, this is good news because it explains why so many patients weren’t responding to treatment and the new insights will allow us to treat COVID-19 more effectively. 

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In the past few days, a mountain of valuable new insights into COVID-19 has been revealed and it appears we’ve been treating patients for the wrong disease! In a way, this is good news because it explains why so many patients weren’t responding to treatment and the new insights will allow us to treat COVID-19 more effectively. 

What We Now Know (that failed)

Frontline researchers have discovered COVID-19 causes the destruction of red blood cells (hemolysis) and prolonged and progressive hypoxia (starving your body of oxygen). It does this by binding to the heme groups in hemoglobin in your red blood cells and causing the hemoglobin to lose its iron ion, which in-turn strips its ability to carry oxygen throughout the body. Those freed iron ions are then able to roam throughout the body, and this leads to oxidative damage and inflammation, and all that nasty stuff you see in CT scans of COVID-19 patient lungs.

These new insights mean the organ failures leading to death are not caused by any traditional form of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) or pneumonia, which is the assumption doctors have been operating on. They are happening because people are desaturating (losing oxygen in their blood) and because the free iron is causing systemic damage, alveolar inflammation and coagulation. For an in-depth explanation of how hypoxia and iron ions lead to the damages associated with severe and deadly COVID-19 infections, read 

These therapies work best without using ventilators

These new insights mean the ventilators we’ve been using to treat COVID-19 are in many cases of little benefit and for some, they can cause more harm than good. The frontline researchers who made this discovery are recommending patients receive simpler noninvasive respiratory support, such as sleep apnea breathing masks. Personally, I think hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) which has been used for over 75 years, may offer us the safest and most effective solution, especially when used in conjunction with hormonal and lifestyle medicine protocols which I will explore in more depth below. 

Nature Offers Us a Safe and All-Natural Solution

Vitamin C is well known as an immune system booster and it supports lymphocytes, neutrophils and other important regulators of the immune system, but it’s effects on COVID-19 go beyond just supporting immunity. L-ascorbic acid (the natural form of vitamin C) supports all cellular redox reactions, immune responses and mitochondria; and perhaps most importantly it can help prevent hypoxia and lower cell-free hemoglobin which is the main cause for ARDS in COVID-19. The reason why COVID-19 ARDS patients are difficult to oxygenate is that there is a systematic destruction of red blood cells resulting in cell-free heme that has oxidized iron ions in the ferric state. All the damage to the lungs you see in CT scans is from the release of oxidative iron from the heme and ascorbic acid helps prevent this from happening. 

Researchers in China are successfully treating COVID-19 patients with ascorbic acid and the Shanghai city government is now officially endorsing the use of vitamin C for the treatment of COVID-19 infections. Reports from Ruijing Hospital in Shanghai documented the treatment of 50 moderate to severe COVID-19 cases with high dose intravenous vitamin C (IVC).  Moderate cases were given IVC doses of 10 grams daily for 7 to 10 days, while severe cases were given 20 grams daily. None of the IVC patients died, and the IVC reduced hospital stays by an average of 3 to 5 days. 

Now for some even better news – a new study has found high doses of oral vitamin C (10 grams) is absorbed into the bloodstream as effectively as IVC is. It was previously believed that the body could only absorb a small amount of oral vitamin C at a time but this new research proves that assumption wrong. Here is what the Townsend Letter who reported this study advice for COVID-19 patients:

“The following supplementation guide for oral ascorbic acid is offered for informational purposes only, and should NOT be considered as MEDICAL ADVICE.

Initial onset of symptoms:

3 to 5 g in one dose, followed by 1 g every 30 to 60 mins for the following 3 hours. Repeat this cycle until symptoms subside.

Milder cases: 

2 to 5 g in one dose, followed by 1 g every hour for the following 4 – 6 hours. Repeat this cycle until symptoms subside.

Severe/critical cases:

10 g in one dose, followed by 2 g every 15  to 30 mins for the following 2 hours. Repeat this cycle until symptoms improve.”

As a rule i believe the higher gram dosages are best used for emergency use, however for prevention 200 mg from natural sources such as Tart Cherry, acerola cherry found in a product I call Stay Young and a powder product called Grow Muscle Burn Fat Beet. Also the white part just under the orange or tangerine are the richest portion of the whole bioflavonoids with its potent antioxidant properties.  

During flu season I consume at least 5 to 8 whole oranges, bell peppers, and chili peppers a day which are even higher in natural Vitamin C than synthetic man made Vitamin C. The countries that consume the most chili peppers have the lowest incidence of colds and flu. This is because the ingredients in peppers stimulate the lungs to clear toxins. Have you ever eaten a pepper and you notice phlegm and the need to clear your throat?  

 Hydrocortisone (cortisol -Generic UpJohn trade name Cortef) prescribed by an expert in interventional bio Identical hormones that understands chronic fatigue, which I along with several leading experts feel is the primary intervention, with the least cost, and rapid chance of recovery: 

This adrenal support therapy using natural cortisol was discovered to be incredibly effective to reverse or stabilize most symptoms (dry cough, malaise, fever) Take the following dosages of natural cortisol about 3 to 4 hours apart: 20 mg upon waking, 20 mg noon, 20 mg afternoon, and 20 mg evening which is to be “taken until the patient feels well” that typically occurs within three to four days. Then reduce by half dosage to 10 mg four times a day divided equally for two days. Then 5 mg four times daily for two days, then stop. 

This protocol will be most effective for those with pre-existing problems like Chronic Fatigue even in cases of those stricken with serious deadly strains of SARS virus. This approach saved hundreds of lives as reported by William McKinnley Jeffries which upon preliminary treatment outcome reports of COVID19 during the years 2018 to 2020 (now April 8, 2020). 

These therapies work best without antibiotics, or antimalarial drugs

When this therapy was first used in influenza patients, antibiotics (erythromycin or penicillin) was used for seven days, yet all subsequent patients have received cortisol without antibiotics. Supplementary multiple vitamins were also used and to this day, we believe antibiotics are rarely needed when intervention with natural cortisol that adrenals can produce under optimum situations. We typically get people who are abusing coffee to get through the day, stressed, lacking sleep and overwhelmed with multiple pre existing conditions of the modern world.   

Additional Natural Solutions for COVID-19 Compiled by Myself and Leading AntiAging Colleagues:

  • Consume a plant-based oil-free diet; this can increase oxygen delivery to the lungs and brain by as much as 30%.
  • To reduce oxidative stress and improve mitochondrial function, take molecular hydrogen H2.
  • Hyperbaric oxygen mobile tanks (HBOT) can be used to oxygenate the body, reduce inflammation and prevent hypoxia.
  • High altitude therapy called CVAC can be used prior to contracting the virus to clear oxidative stress, prepare lungs for the battle of oxygen starvation and increase red blood cell counts rich in hemoglobin (this should be done in slow increments).
  • Use an Air Fresh ionizer to clear pollutants out of your home.
  • Keep the humidity in your home at least 50% – respiratory viruses thrive in low humidity, and higher humidity helps to protect against them and amp up the immune system. 
  • Low-level light therapy – LLLT can be used to repair nitric oxide loaded in white blood cell macrophages and to destroy the virus.

Nutraceuticals to Protect You From Coronavirus

  • Beet Vitality – it contains  Vitamin C, Niacin, and amino acids to repair lungs.
  • Stay Young chewable tablets support the repair of malaria-like misshapen cells.
  • To boost mitochondria and increase oxygen transport by reducing lipids, use Insulin Heart Stability.
  • Support liver health with Liv D-Tox – a healthy liver will be better able to fight free radicals and reduce oxidative damage.
  • DNA Protector provides methyl donors to help your body in it’s one billion chemical reactions per second, and as it does so, the CH3 molecule helps to prevent the breakdown of the cells and restore energy reserves.
  • Take Adrenal Immune Support. This formula boosts the adrenal glands and helps them produce cortisol which plays a vital role in immunity. It also contains herbs that help target RNA and DNA.
  • To resolve dry cough, sore throat, and malaise use hydrocortisone cream and take 20 mg cortisol tablets, 4 times a day for 48 hours. Once resolved, take 10 mg 4 x a day.
  • Take Stem Cell Enhancer – it contains deer antler and helps restore hemoglobin to red blood cells. It also contains medicinal mushrooms which rapidly repair damage in the lungs and body.
  • Stem Cell Strong – Take this daily, it is a super-herb powerhouse powder for potent immune adaptation. We are being asked by popular demand to bring this amazing supplement back on the market. (expected by June, July 2020)

*See, for a special deal on 6 powerful all-natural immune-boosting supplements with proprietary blended formulations designed by doctors. For a limited time, I’m also giving everyone who purchases this Immunity Fortification Pack FREE access to my course Fat Loss & Fitness, which retails at $299.  

If you’re ready to take control of your health and to learn how to arm yourself against coronavirus and all chronic and infectious diseases, RSVP to my upcoming emergency web event: Coronavirus: 5 Proven Ways to Strengthen the Immune System. The 5 safe and effective steps I will share in this webinar will not only lead to powerful immune defenses, they will also enhance your cardiovascular health, boost your energy and vitality, improve your libido and love life, slow down aging and increase longevity.

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