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Vaccines and Drugs Will Not Save Us From Coronavirus!

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

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It’s ironic that three of the leading solutions being advocated for the coronavirus - social isolation, vaccines, and malaria drugs, actually harm the one thing that can save us from the virus - the immune system. Most of the world is being forced to socially isolate, and yet loneliness activates the fight-or-flight system, causes chronic inflammation and dramatically reduces the body’s ability to defend itself from viruses. Vaccines and malaria drugs are also being touted as a solution and both of them come with their own set of problems and health risks which I explain below. 

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Boost Your Immune System Naturally: The Key to Coronavirus Defense

In the current fight against the coronavirus, three prominent solutions—social isolation, vaccines, and malaria drugs—are widely advocated. Surprisingly, these approaches may inadvertently compromise our most potent defense mechanism: the immune system. Despite the global emphasis on social isolation, loneliness triggered by it activates the fight-or-flight response, leading to chronic inflammation and significantly weakening the body’s ability to combat viruses.


The Pitfalls of Vaccines

Vaccines: A Delayed Hope

Amidst the anticipation of a vaccine as a savior from the coronavirus, reality check reveals that scientists project a 12-18 month wait for a viable solution. Moreover, with influenza vaccine effectiveness consistently below 50%, the prospect of an effective coronavirus vaccine remains doubtful.

Hidden Dangers in Vaccinations

Beyond their efficacy concerns, vaccines contain toxins detrimental to the immune system. Studies show that frequent vaccination, especially in children, increases susceptibility to the flu. The cumulative damage and toxic load from vaccines, including mercury and other harmful chemicals, can compromise overall health.

The Dark Side of the Vaccination Industry

It’s essential to question the safety and necessity of vaccinations. The industry, driven by the agenda of Big Pharma and influential figures like Bill Gates, has raised ethical concerns. Explore the eye-opening Vaccine Panel Meeting on YouTube to understand the potentially life-threatening effects of vaccinations.

Rethinking Malaria Drugs

Malaria Drugs: Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine

Recently FDA-approved for emergency coronavirus treatment, Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine are antirheumatic drugs with antimalarial properties. Despite the lack of clinical proof for their efficacy, these drugs pose significant dangers, including severe retinal damage, liver failure, and even death.

Government Funding Misdirection

With billions dedicated to the coronavirus crisis, government funding overlooks the critical role of the immune system. Instead, individuals must take responsibility and focus on strengthening their immune systems during lockdown.

The Immune System: Your Ultimate Defense

Long-Term Solutions Beyond Social Distancing

While social distancing isn’t a long-term solution, boosting the immune system emerges as the safest and most effective approach to permanently flatten the curve.

Empower Yourself: Essential Steps to Boost Immunity

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