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How World-Wide Isolation and Big Pharma Solutions May Cause More Harm Than Good!

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

Helping people with their journey to health, happiness and their goals in career, relationships and longevity.

Some investigative reports feel that Big pharma and the government have brainwashed too many people into believing the solution to the coronavirus pandemic is world-wide forced isolation, antibiotics, deadly malarial drugs, expensive and toxic vaccinations, and unsustainable "ill-care." 

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Isolation: How Big Pharma and Government Influence Pandemic Responses: Redefining Health Solutions

Role of Big Pharma and Government in Pandemic Solutions

Numerous investigative reports suggest that Big Pharma and governmental influences have swayed public opinion, advocating for widespread forced isolation, antibiotics, potentially harmful malarial drugs, expensive vaccines, and unsustainable healthcare measures as the primary solutions to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Real Solution: Strengthening Our Immune Systems

However, these approaches not only fail to eradicate the virus but also compromise our most potent defense against it – our immune systems. It’s time to take charge of our health and cease allowing profit-driven agendas to dictate our well-being.

Misleading Approaches: Unveiling the Truth Behind Solutions

Recent months have seen substantial taxpayer funding funneled into coronavirus research, notably for vaccines, with influential figures like Bill Gates promoting increased investment in vaccination development.


Antibiotics and Malaria Drugs: Misguided Solutions

Promoting antibiotics as potential treatments for COVID-19 remains controversial. Antibiotics target bacteria, not viruses, and their usage disrupts the gut’s healthy bacteria, weakening the immune system. Similarly, FDA-approved malaria drugs pose severe risks, including blindness and death, with unproven efficacy against the virus.

Repercussions of Social Distancing: Balancing Health and Human Rights

While enforcing social distancing, there’s been a neglect of vital elements for human well-being—outdoor exposure, sunlight, and social connections. Isolation fosters loneliness, detrimental to health, and contributes to alarming levels of unemployment, threatening global economic stability.

Initiatives for Global Recovery: Steps Toward Health and Wellness

1. Nutrition as the Key: Embracing a Plant-Based Diet

Enhancing our immune systems necessitates nourishment through whole-food, plant-based diets. Hospitals should prioritize serving such meals to aid recovery effectively.

2. Abandoning Animal Products and Isolating Feed-lot Animals

Highlighting the risks associated with animal protein-based diets, emphasizing the need to avoid them due to their contribution to chronic diseases and viral transmission.

3. Detoxification: Eliminating Toxins for Enhanced Well-being

Acknowledging the pervasive presence of toxins and advocating for detoxification to support compromised liver function and immunity.

In today’s environment, toxins pervade our daily lives, infiltrating our water, food, vehicles, homes, and even personal care products. These harmful elements extend beyond physical substances, encompassing pollutants in the air and electromagnetic waves, notably from the surge in 5G towers. Dr. Thomas Cowan has linked the proliferation of 5G towers to the spread of illnesses like coronavirus, shedding light on their potential impact.

4. Fortifying Health with Natural Herbal Supplements

While a healthy diet aids in optimizing health, supplementing with adrenal and mitochondrial support becomes imperative in today’s stressful environment.

5. Lifestyle as a Health Indicator: Stress Reduction and Outdoor Activity

Reducing stress, prioritizing quality sleep, regular exercise, and spending time outdoors significantly bolster our immune systems.

6. Fostering Love and Connections: Alleviating Fear

Replacing fear with love and connection, emphasizing the role of intimacy, physical touch, and emotional support in boosting immunity.

Conclusion: Embracing Holistic Health Approaches

As mandates for isolation persist, utilizing this time for personal growth and education becomes paramount. Subscribe to informative platforms and courses that focus on immune system enhancement, longevity, and holistic wellness.

Take Action Isolation: Immune System Enhancement Resources

For comprehensive guidance on immune system strengthening and holistic health approaches, explore valuable resources like Delgado’s YouTube channel and the upcoming FREE immune system course on Nick Delgado’s website.

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