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Discover 7 Hidden Causes of Sexual Dysfunction and Learn How to Reverse Them

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

Helping people with their journey to health, happiness and their goals in career, relationships and longevity.

Sexual dysfunction affects almost all of us at some point, it interferes with relationship satisfaction, connectedness and security, and it prevents you from experiencing sexual bliss. The most common types of sexual dysfunction include: loss of libido, reduced arousal and pleasure; delayed, weak or absent orgasms; erectile dysfunction (ED), sexual pain disorders, and vaginal dryness. Sex starts in the brain and psychological issues are a leading cause of sexual dysfunction. Read-on to discover the most common psychological causes and how you can overcome them and create deep intimacy and explosive pleasure.

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Sexual Dysfunction: Overcoming Psychological Barriers for Intimacy and Pleasure

Sexual dysfunction is a common challenge that impacts nearly everyone at some point, disrupting relationship satisfaction and hindering the experience of true sexual bliss. Discover the most prevalent psychological causes and effective strategies to overcome them, fostering deep intimacy and explosive pleasure.


1: Stress – Breaking the Chains

Stress, an omnipresent force, stands as a major catalyst for various types of sexual dysfunction. From work pressures to everyday hassles, stress diverts attention from non-essential functions like sex to survival priorities. Learn to manage stress through time-management skills, mindful practices, and effective stress-reduction techniques such as yoga, breathwork, and meditation.

2: Depression – Rekindling the Flame

Depression creates a cyclical disconnect in relationships, affecting both emotional and physical intimacy. Explore natural solutions for chemical imbalances and seek emotional healing through hypnotherapy, Breathwork, or NLP. Addressing low testosterone with products like Testro Vida Pro can optimize libido and virility.

3: Poor Self-Esteem – Empowering Your Sensuality

Poor self-esteem acts as a significant hurdle to communicating desires and inhibits sexual exploration. Transform your inner dialogue with positive affirmations, utilizing tools like LFC Audio Scripts. Boost self-esteem through assertiveness, embracing new experiences, pursuing enjoyable activities, and setting and achieving goals.

4: Body-Image Issues – Embracing Your Authentic Self

Negative body image affects the enjoyment of sex. Counteract this with positive affirmations, critical media consumption, and tools like the LFC audio track – Love Your Body. Adopt a healthy lifestyle, supported by a nutritious diet and regular exercise. Seek therapy or coaching for deeper issues.

5: Relationship Discord – Nurturing Connection

Discord in relationships, a significant mind-based factor, can extinguish desire. Enhance communication through resources like the 5 Languages of Love. Consider addressing hidden causes like adrenal fatigue with nutraceuticals such as Adrenal DMG.

6: Sexual Trauma – Reclaiming Power

Sexual trauma can have lasting effects, affecting desire, pleasure, and emotional well-being. Seek support from trusted individuals, share your experience, and consider professional help from Clinical Hypnotherapists or NLP practitioners.

7: Body Disconnect – Embracing Sensations

Disconnect from the body hampers pleasure and orgasms. Embrace Tantric sex practices for sustained eye contact, bliss breathing, and extended foreplay, fostering a deeper connection with your partner and enhancing pleasure.

In Conclusion: A Journey to Sexual Fulfillment

The above are the leading psychological causes of sexual dysfunction but numerous others can be at play. Additional common contributors include performance anxiety, sexual guilt and shame, an overly analytical mind, pornography addiction, and a lack of understanding of your or your partner’s body. Often there is more than one psychological issue that needs to be dealt with, or there is a combination of physical and psychological culprits that need to be addressed. If you would like to learn all the possible causes of sexual dysfunction, how to reverse them, how to deepen love and intimacy, and how to achieve a euphorically satisfying sex life, get a copy of Mastering Love, Sex and Intimacy.