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Mastering Love, Sex, and Intimacy e-Book


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Mastering Love, Sex, and Intimacy e-Book

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Dr. Nick Delgado is the 21st Century leader in the use of nutraceuticals to enhance physical relations between men and women and help them understand their own bodies and responses. Wonderful experiences result from following his guidelines to developing understanding of a partner’s body, as well as emotional and psychological needs. This is the definitive instruction book for the care and expanding of your love life.He explores all aspects of intimate relationships – he clearly explains how hormones and chemicals often control physiological responses. This book also delves into the science of nutrition and how the types of foods we put into our bodies can improve or sometimes destroy our bodies’ abilities to achieve lasting and frequent sexual satisfaction. From the biochemistry of love and addressing sexual dysfunction, to how to be an amazing lover and create a deep, emotional bond – this is a definitive guide to happy and enjoyable sexual passion.


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