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Unveiling the Truth About Love: Everything You’ve Been Told Is A Lie

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

Helping people with their journey to health, happiness and their goals in career, relationships and longevity.

Everyone wants to be in a happy, healthy, loving relationship but most of us are epically failing at it. It's not really our fault though, we’ve been brainwashed by storybooks, Rom-Coms, and TV shows to believe in a seriously flawed idea of love. We’ve been taught to love possessively, but this type of love is not ‘Real Love,’ and it can only ever lead to pain and suffering. Not sure which type of love you are engaging in? 

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Unveiling the Truth About Love: Distinguishing Between Possessive and Real Love

Are you yearning for a happy, healthy, and fulfilling relationship? The journey to genuine love may be hindered by societal misconceptions propagated by storybooks, Rom-Coms, and TV shows. Let’s unveil the reality behind the two contrasting types of love and identify the key to lasting happiness.


Identifying Possessive Love

Unveiling the Illusion

Possessive love, often misconstrued as genuine affection, is far from the truth. It thrives on possession, manipulation, and selfishness, leading to conditional relationships with attached strings.

Warning Signs
  • Seeking fulfillment solely from your partner
  • Attempting to ‘fix’ both yourself and your partner
  • Breeding jealousy, obsession, and compulsive attachment
  • Resulting in a rollercoaster of pleasure and pain, akin to the effects of cocaine
The Consequence

Anxiety and pain overshadow any fleeting moments of happiness. Relationships built on possessive love are destined to fail.

Embracing Real Love

The Foundation of Truth Connection

Real love begins with self-love and acceptance. Only when you fully embrace yourself can you authentically extend love to another?

Characteristics of Real Love
  • Rooted in respect, acceptance, tenderness, and vulnerability
  • Unconditional, loving your partner for who they are
  • Embracing flaws without attempts to change
  • Making time and being fully present
  • Honesty, authenticity, and absence of manipulative behaviors
The Result

Breaking free from compulsive attachment, real love empowers individuals to meet their emotional needs independently. Choosing to be with a partner, not out of necessity, transforms relationships into deep, sincere, and enduring connections.

Truth About Love: Ready to Experience Real Love?

Watch the insightful video below to delve deeper into the nuances of possessive and real love:

If you’re tired of waiting for the love of your life and eager to embark on a journey of self-discovery, enroll in my online training course, “Mastering Love, Sex, and Intimacy.” Take the first step towards attracting genuine and lasting love into your life.

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