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The Hidden Cause of Your Stubborn Acne and How to Abolish It

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

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Estrogen dominance has reached epidemic proportions in America, it’s rarely diagnosed and it affects both men and women alike. It can trigger stubborn acne and cause a myriad of sexual, physical, mental and emotional consequences. Fortunately, there are lifestyle modifications and clinically proven supplements available that can help you reverse estrogen dominance and the acne and other symptoms that it causes. Before revealing what these modifications and supplements are, let's first explore estrogen dominance a bit further.

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Hidden Cause of Your Stubborn: Unveiling Solutions for Acne-Free Skin

Estrogen dominance, a widespread issue in America, often goes undiagnosed, affecting both men and women. This condition not only triggers persistent acne but also leads to various sexual, physical, mental, and emotional consequences. Thankfully, effective lifestyle modifications and clinically proven supplements exist to reverse estrogen dominance and alleviate associated symptoms. Before delving into these solutions, let’s delve deeper into understanding estrogen dominance.

Understanding Estrogen Dominance

Estrogen dominance arises when estrogen levels rise excessively. In females, it can occur when progesterone levels are too low, disrupting the delicate balance needed to counteract estrogen’s effects. Similarly, men may experience estrogen dominance if testosterone levels are insufficient to balance estrogen. This condition contributes to acne, excess belly fat, muscle loss, bloating, mood swings, fatigue, and irritability, posing risks of diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease for both genders. In women, it can lead to irregular menstruation, PMS symptoms, fibrocystic breasts, endometriosis, and PCOS, while men may face feminization, man boobs, male pattern baldness, and increased risks of prostate-related issues.

The Connection Between Estrogen Dominance and Acne

While androgens like testosterone and DHT are commonly associated with acne, surplus estrogen can also play a significant role. Estrogen dominance contributes to acne through insulin insensitivity and liver burden. Insulin insensitivity disrupts blood sugar balance, leading to increased insulin production, triggering androgen hormones, and subsequently, acne. Additionally, estrogen dominance overworks the liver, the primary detox organ. When the liver is strained, the skin aids in detoxification, leading to clogged pores, heightened inflammation, and cystic acne.

Hidden Cause of Your Stubborn: The Acne Solution that Works

To help balance your hormones, and support your liver and skin health, you should eliminate animal products (they are the biggest dietary source of estrogen) and consume a high-fiber, wholefoods, plant-based diet. It’s also important to reduce stress and your exposure to environmental estrogens (xenoestrogens) by avoiding plastic containers and replacing chemical cleaning and personal care products with organic products that contain only natural ingredients. 

Adding nutraceuticals to the lifestyle modifications outlined above will yield the quickest and most effective estrogen-balancing results. Because the underlying causes of acne are typically three-fold: resulting from too much estrogen, a surplus of androgens and a liver that can’t keep up, the best way to reverse acne is to target all three causes. The Annihilate Acne Pack does just that. It contains 3 clinical strength nutraceutical supplements: Estro-Block and DHT-Block to normalize estrogen and androgen levels, as well as Liv-D-Tox to support the liver so that it can do its job of detoxification and your skin no longer has to. The result? Enviably clear and radiant skin.

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