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Combat Aging, Menopause, Andropause?

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

Helping people with their journey to health, happiness and their goals in career, relationships and longevity.

Estroblock Cream & Testosterone booster / DIM 855, EstroBlock is excellent to handle many menopausal issues

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Combat Aging, Menopause, Andropause?

Estroblock Cream & Testosterone booster / DIM 855, EstroBlock is excellent to handle many menopausal issues.

Estroblock Cream is excellent to handle many menopausal issues (rub neck and dry area hands thin skin areas for best absorption and skin issues (apply directly to pimples). The ingredients provide the perfect solution to have healthy skin and hormonal balance.

This Estroblock Cream has a very small amount of progesterone in the 10 mg range which allows a gradual improvement (when compared to other progesterone creams which might be too much at 500 mg per dose of cream.

The addition of Estriol or Estradiol cream or BiEST that includes both can help with menopause however by using EstroBlock Cream we can reduce the dose needed for these potent hormones in a BiEst cream we can order for you.

Some doctors will just use Estriol cream because Estriol is the dominant hormone in females when they are youngest and youthful from age 15 to 25 combined with EstroBlock cream that has that little bit of progesterone to get nice control of estrogen dominance.

The addition of a small amount (half of a dime amount on the finger then rubbed into the thin areas of skin) of Testosterone Booster Anabolic MD cream helps balance 4 hormones while giving a slight conversion to some estrogen in reasonable levels.

Females often do well with Testosterone Booster anabolic MD because there is conversion from plant androgens to healthy estrogen while reducing the estrones with both creams.

Also this Testosterone booster gives energy and when applied directly to cellulite tightens up those areas BECAUSE of a proprietary ingredient that tends to melt cellulite.

This cream assists in 4 hormones balance, DHEA, Pregnenolone (that Mark Gordon MD says is the most important hormone in the body because it is the grandfather of all conversion at the top of the metabolites.

This product cream T booster has chrysin with DIM and clears bad estrogens and it improves androgens from natural plants in a different pathway than testosterone.

Dr Terry Grossman in an interview stated that it might be better to intervene with testosterone or related androgens rather than estrogen because testosterone can convert over.

(Peter Attia MD in a podcast says testosterone is the dominant hormone in woman (measured in nanograms ng to picograms pg for estrogen the number shows higher which appears as if there is more estrogen in females yet this pg is in thousandths while ng for testosterone in in hundredths, simply stated even though testosterone is a lower number it is higher in total concentration in all females- not higher than in males,

Men have 10 times more testosterone than women until they reach age 50 then there estrogen goes up because of all the meat men eat and if they do not use Estroblock, or DIM 855 for phase 1, livDtox phase 2 and Hair skin Nail for phase 3) See articles 7 Pillars Coaching – Personal Health Transformation & Performance Coaching

DIM 855 has more broccoli sprouts and over 15 amazing ingredients to protect from cancer cell growth, improve cognition and balance other hormones.

Estroblock and EstroBlock pro are both amazing because they settled the issue of which is better, DIM or Ic3 Indole 3 carbinol, because they have both. The Estroblock line also has the best delivery system on the market while others experimented with bioperine “pepper” to deliver DIM which hardly works at all.

The only clinical studies were done with our type of delivery system proving DIM normally difficult to absorb, does and when i did several before after urine tests Test Kits – 7 Pillars Coaching

I have found great value over nearly two decades. I found the conversion of the bad 16-aOHE to good estrone 2-OHE did produce the healthiest ratios of increase in the good and decrease in the bad estrogen. instead of a ratio of .5 we got a ratio of 3 or 4 parts good estrogen to 1 part bad.

Then over the course of a year or two the ratios got too high, too much of a good thing like too much traffic on the freeway so i created the ultimate methyl Donor i now call Hair Skin Detox that allows in phase 3 to allow the cleansing and detoxification releases the load of estrogen to excrete from the body! This brought the urine ratios in balance on 24 hour urine for 38 hormone metabolites.

This is why I use Rhein consulting lab to do the 24 hour urine test after a client has been on our initial phase 1 and 2 products when we first do the saliva test to get a quick look at 11 different hormones. Test Kits – 7 Pillars Coaching

Then after a month or two we like to get a Access lab blood test or ZRT blood spot test that includes SHBG that affects the carry of hormones like DHT, Estrogen and testosterone. As well as look at estradiol and testosterone. This is important along with retake of this to match symptoms prior to a lab consult.

see links to these two products let me know if there is a video uploaded for either or both creams, it seems i have not produced either talk. yet can do.

-Dr Nick Delgado

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