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Are you at risk for Sudden injury or Death?

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

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I wrote this article because of my concern about the football injury on the field of the Buffalo Bills vs the Bengals on Monday night football Jan 2, 2023 The tragedy of the football player last night Jan 2, the NFL player who fell to the ground after a hit, concerns us all for his fight for life. Hamlin remained in critical condition Tuesday, one day after collapsing during a match against the Bengals, according to the Bills. 

The game was postponed after Hamlin of the Bills made an open field tackle on the Bengals wide receiver, both players falling to the ground.   

In a statement, team officials said Hamlin remained hospitalized in the intensive care unit at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

The documentary “Game Changer” matches the diet challenges of almost all athletes to those eating a high protein diet. The excess use of animal protein coincidently contains massive amounts of cholesterol, even in lean proteins of meat. Tuna packed in water is higher in cholesterol than red meat! 

Chicken, the white or dark meat is as high in cholesterol as red meat. What do most people eat at super bowl sunday and during the championship games? Wings, Pizza (cheese is twice as high in fat and cholesterol as most meats).   

Shocking Entertaining Protein and Risk of Death by Nick Delgado -This is a new way to improve the circulation and Health John McDougall MD

Can you get enough Protein on a Vegan Diet?

A study published in Circulation, the prestigious journal of the American Heart Association, reported more cardiac deaths occur on December 25 (Christmas after a heavy meal of animal proteins, gravy fat) than on any other day of the year; the second largest number of cardiac deaths occurs on December 26, the day after christmas and the third largest number number of deaths occurs on January 1, New Years day. 

I remember playing football, and we were offered a big steak dinner the day before the game. I had my first stroke (TIA) when I was at half time in a game called the Turkey bowl. Of course I had a heavy meal that day. 

My good friend and world strength endurance champion Tim Nash, fellow teammate on TEAM USA where we won the world championships against the strongest men from Ireland, UK, Germany and Dubai. Tim underwent a triple bypass of his heart. Although exercise is important, because cholesterol is not fat, it is actually a lipid LDL sterol that clogs young men’s arteries.

Tim Nash believes he could have prevented Heart Surgery

Going back to the Korean war and the Vietnam war, upon autopsy of men who died in action, average age only 21, these men already had severe blockages exceeding 90% of the major arteries leading to their heart. Why? Is the smoking gun actually the lack of understanding of a whole foods plant based diet? 

The Tennessee Titans have more than 14 players currently following the protective diet. I believe these players can go one step further by removing the oils and sugars from the plant based diet.

In talking to experts in brain care including Joseph Maroon MD team doctor for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the work by Daniel Amen MD brain scans show damage from these traumatic brain injuries. 


David Steenblock DO, Stem Cell expert, has helped thousands of patients with brain injury. Hyperbaric oxygen is now being used by many UFC fighters to recover where otherwise they may have suffered permanent brain injury and paralysis.  

Mark Gordon MD, believes immediate and even post intervention of endocrinology can help football players and elite athletes recover from traumatic brain injury.

 Please ask for a copy of my book Blood Doesn’t Lie on Amazon or our website. Watch for my new release “Look & Feel Great at any Age” – Stop Aging Now. Find out the most exciting ways to reverse or prevent injuries.

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Myocarditis may increase the risk of life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias caused by blunt impact to the chest, particularly in contact sports. Screening and prevention measures should be considered to reduce this risk.

“Died Suddenly” documentary

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