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Coronavirus: Stop Panicking and Boost Your Immune System

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

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The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide, as of April 7th is 1.4 million and the global death toll is 81,000. We need to stop panicking and keep this in perspective - according to the CDC, the 2019-2020 seasonal influenza caused over 29 million illnesses worldwide and 16,000 deaths in the US alone. And demographics of the most serious and fatal COVID-19 cases from around the world show they all have similar profiles - these patients are primarily over 65 with underlying diseases and immune dysfunctions. While there are some cases of younger adults who appeared healthy but have ended up in the hospital from COVID-19, this is not a random occurrence - it is indicative of an underlying immune system dysfunction.

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Understanding COVID-19 vs. Seasonal Influenza: Putting Numbers in Perspective

As of April 7th, the confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide tally up to 1.4 million, with a global death toll of 81,000. Amidst this, keeping a perspective matters—consider the CDC’s data, indicating over 29 million illnesses globally and 16,000 deaths in the US during the 2019-2020 seasonal influenza. Demographics of severe COVID-19 cases echo a common pattern: primarily affecting individuals over 65 with underlying health conditions, emphasizing the role of immune dysfunction.

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Strengthening Immunity: Your Defense Against COVID-19

Empowerment prevails against the coronavirus. Research confirms that immune dysfunction significantly impacts the likelihood of severe infection. Safeguarding against COVID-19 and other illnesses revolves around nurturing a robust immune system. The key players—natural killer cells (NK), T cells, and B cells—form the frontline defense against viral intruders. Yet, age-related decline in these vital immune cells poses higher risks for severe illness among the elderly.

Strategies to Fortify Against Viral Infections

Championing a well-functioning immune system involves adopting a health-conscious lifestyle. A diet rich in wholefoods, devoid of oils, and abundant in plant-based nutrition aids immunity. Regular exercise, refraining from smoking, moderate alcohol intake (or abstaining), maintaining a healthy weight, ample sleep, and stress reduction bolster immune resilience. Amid precautions, succumbing to fear triggers the fight-or-flight response, compromising immune capabilities.

Elevate Immunity with Stem Cell Therapy

Beyond lifestyle adjustments, consider a potent therapy capable of enhancing immune function remarkably in critically ill COVID-19 patients within just 4 days: stem cell therapy. Stem cells, integral for immune cell production and tissue repair, generate billions of immune cells daily. Certain stem cell types suppress viral activities, highlighting their immune-boosting potential.

Amplify Stem Cell Production Naturally

Augment your body’s stem cell production with Stem Cell Enhancer—a comprehensive rejuvenation formula infused with superfoods to optimize immunity and support regeneration. Studies reveal a significant increase in stem cell colony counts within the bone marrow after just 6 weeks of use.

Empower Your Immune System: Join the Event

To uncover potent strategies for fortifying the immune system against both seasonal and novel viruses, register for the FREE emergency web event, “Coronavirus: 5 Proven Ways to Strengthen the Immune System,” happening on April 22nd, 4 pm PST. Expert doctors will share safe, effective measures for robust immune defenses. Access a free immunity quiz at

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