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About Anti-Aging

We’re taught to think of the aging process as inevitable. Wrinkles, increased fatigue, loss of sexual function: these symptoms become more apparent as we age. But the fact is that there are many things we can do to slow the aging process, from staying active and fit to maintaining a good diet. The latter doesn’t just mean eating fruits and vegetables; it also means picking the right supplements to make sure that your hormone levels are balanced, which will make you look and feel great. The Delgado Protocol is here to help with supplements that have specific and powerful anti-aging properties.

Boost Stem Cell Production with Stem Cell Strong

One of these products is Stem Cell Strong. All cells in our body originate as stem cells, which are unspecialized types of cells that are triggered through certain chemical cues to become nerve cells, blood cells, and so on. Though the rate of production slows as we age, our bodies are continuously producing stem cells, which enable us to replace dead cells and heal after injury. Stem Cell Strong is packed with herbs and nutrients that support stem cell production by both increasing colony counts in the bone marrow and increasing the release rate.

This supplement’s powerhouse ingredient is a maximum potency mushroom blend that combines the immune-boosting properties of several types of organic mushrooms. It’s crucial to ensure that your body’s regenerative ability remains strong as you age, and Stem Cell Strong enables you to do just that.

Improve Your Nitric Oxide Levels with Beet Vitality

You may not have heard of nitric oxide, but this hardworking substance, dubbed “the miracle molecule,” provides an essential function, helping your 50 trillion cells communicate with each other. In your mid- to late-20s, nitric oxide levels start to decline, and they continue to decrease as you age, leading to the onset of symptoms like declining concentration and decreased memory capacity. Fortunately, you can fight or even reverse this decline in nitric oxide thanks to the Delgado Protocol’s Beet Vitality.

The key ingredient in this powerful supplement is organic, concentrated beet root powder, which is packed with dietary nitrates to boost your nitric oxide levels. Among the benefits of increased nitric oxide are:

  • Promoting muscle growth
  • Shortening recovery time after injuries
  • Encouraging healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Boosting memory and concentration
  • Improving your overall mood

There’s no reason to fear the aging process when there’s so much you can do to stay healthy and fit. Let the Delgado Protocol help with our powerful anti-aging supplements that leave you feeling refreshed and full of life.

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