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8 Women Orgasm Tips You Should Learn Now

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

Helping people with their journey to health, happiness and their goals in career, relationships and longevity.

Would you like to lead your woman to new depths of ecstasy and bring her to orgasm every single time?

If you are thinking right now “I already am,” I am sorry to break the bad news, but you are probably wrong. According to multiple large scale polls, the majority of women are not orgasming during sex with their partners and a whopping 67% of them admit to faking it either occasionally or always. 1 This is an injustice to women and it is time for us men to step up and do whatever it takes to ensure she reaches orgasmic bliss each and every time. If you’re ready to take on this challenge and want to learn how to become a legend in the bedroom, then the following 8 guidelines are for you.

#1: Understand Her Anatomy

Pornography and the media fuel a myth that 5 to 10 minutes of intercourse is all that is required for a woman to have a mind-blowing orgasm. But for most women that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are very few pleasure nerve endings inside the vagina, and only a very small segment of women are able to orgasm from intercourse alone. The clitoris is her primary pleasure center and the visible head contains approximately 8,000 nerve endings (which is twice as many as the head of the penis). Always remember to stimulate her clitoris during foreplay with your fingers, tongue, and/or a vibrator, and during intercourse with your body or your hands.

#2: Encourage Her To Touch Herself

Masturbating is the best way to become familiar with your own body and what makes you tick. Learning how to bring yourself to climax allows you to then teach your partner. Unfortunately, some women avoid masturbating because their upbringing or religion taught them it was something dirty or shameful. Even sadder is the fact that 10%-15% of all women have never orgasmed in their entire lives. Having an open conversation about masturbation can help to destigmatize it. If your woman does not
masturbate encourage her to do so and ask her to teach you what she likes. Also, let her know it turns you on when she touches herself during lovemaking and encourage her to do so freely.

#3: Familiarize Yourself With the Three Types of Female Orgasms

There are three types of orgasms that a woman can experience. The first and most common is the clitoral orgasm, which as the name suggests, is achieved from direct stimulation to the clitoris. The second is the G-Spot orgasm, though it is not totally correct to identify this as a separate type of orgasm, because the G-Spot is an extension of the clitoris. You can identify the G-Spot by having your lady lying on her back, inserting your finger a little to the right of 12 noon and feeling around for a spongy area. For
most women the best way to produce a G-Spot orgasm is with your fingers – this can lead to a very deep orgasm and in some cases, female ejaculation. The third type of orgasm is the cervical orgasm. This newly discovered, full body orgasm is considered the queen of all orgasms. It happens from deep penetration and stimulation of the A-Spot (anterior fornix). Like the G-Spot, the A-Spot is located on the front wall of the vagina which is the belly button side, but it’s a few inches deeper (about 5 inches in), right in front of the cervix. To achieve a cervical orgasm, your woman needs to be fully relaxed and the penis should be deep and aimed towards the front wall of the vagina. Not all women enjoy this type of stimulation, however, and for some, it can even be painful, so make sure to monitor her body and back off if she signals in any way that it is too deep for her.

#4: Experiment With Positions that Allow for Clitoral Stimulation

It is a shame that the missionary position has become the go-to for so many couples. The female anatomy of most women does not allow for clitoral stimulation during the missionary position, making an orgasm extremely difficult if not impossible. The woman on top is far superior when it comes to her pleasure. In this position, she can dictate the rhythm, depth, and intensity of the intercourse, but more importantly, she can rub her clitoris on your pubic bone and stimulate herself to orgasm. Having her on all fours is also great because you can stimulate her clitoris with your hand, or she can touch herself or use a vibrator in this position. Have fun and experiment with different positions that allow for clitoral stimulation (reverse cowgirl, coital alignment technique, sideways straddle, the bridge etc.) and you will have a very pleased woman.

#5: Give Her Time

It’s a cruel trick of nature – most men can reach orgasm in less than 5 minutes, whereas most women take between 20 and 60 minutes. The best way to combat this time discrepancy is to extend foreplay. I like to refer to foreplay as coreplay and I always make sure to bring her to orgasm through manual and oral stimulation of the clitoris, at least once before proceeding to intercourse. The body does not respond to pressure so be patient and spend as long as necessary in the coreplay stage.

#6: Master Cunnilingus

Oral sex is an extremely effective way to bring most women to orgasm and if you care about your woman’s pleasure, it is essential that you learn how to do it well. Ask her to guide you either with verbal tips and feedback or by simply moaning when you get it right. Watch her body for signals – notice if her body is pulling away or tilting towards you. Watch how she is breathing and if it is becoming deeper and faster, take note of what you are doing and keep doing it! Also be aware that the clitoris is extremely
sensitive and direct stimulation can be too much for some women. For a detailed guide to mastering cunnilingus get a copy of my book “Mastering Love, Sex and Intimacy.”

#7: Stimulate Her Brain

The most powerful organ in the female body when it relates to sex is the brain. Learn and cater to her language of love. Do your share of chores, make her feel adored, beautiful and cared for, and plant the seed for an incredible night with a sexy text or by whispering something sensual in her ear before heading out for the day. Also stimulate her brain during sex by affirming her – telling her how sexy she is, how incredible she makes you feel, how turned on you are etc. Share your fantasies and play them out, and if you have tried everything in this article and she still is unable to climax, consider using hypnotherapy. Studies have found that 93% of women with difficulty climaxing will successfully achieve orgasm after just 6 hypnotherapy sessions. ***You can get my hypnosis scripts at Go to product store and look up neuro-reprogramming and under the hypnosis section, you can download my scripts for sex, weight loss, and success.

#8: Use Nutraceuticals

I have spent over two decades developing and refining supplements to optimize sex hormones, sexual functioning, and sexual pleasure. Stay Young helps to boost nitric oxide, which allows for more blood to flow to the sex organs. The enhanced blood flow leads to greater pleasure and increased longevity in both genders, stronger erections in men, and enhanced lubrication in women. Beet Vitality also releases massive amounts of nitric oxide and leads to incredible orgasms. Testrovida Pro and Testro Genisis Cream are both wonderful for safely boosting testosterone levels, resulting in a noticeably increased libido in both genders. Conventional medicine says testosterone over 300 is normal in older men but if you want to optimize your libido and sexual functioning and look and feel younger, you should aim for levels between 1,200 to 1,500. Finally, if you are interested in an all-night love affair try taking Passion Pill or Amore V an hour before intimacy and have your partner take it as well. These two nutraceuticals provide the most incredible pleasure sensations, strong and lasting erections, and deep orgasms. Due to the potency and popularity of Passion Pill and Amore V, they are only available by sending a direct email:

The above guidelines for becoming an amazing lover are explored and explained in much greater depth in my newly released, highly acclaimed book “Mastering Love, Sex, and Intimacy.” The book is written for both men and women and it will show you how to create a deeper level of intimacy, overcome sexual dysfunction, maximize libido, fertility, and connectedness; and create an exciting, multi-orgasmic sex life. You can purchase a copy for you and your lady here: (insert the latest link). You can also purchase the audiobook read by myself and co-host Tamara at

***This article was based on a talk I gave at an LA Expo. You can watch the whole video here. 1

Would you like to join me? See our online course:  Mastering Love, Sex, and Intimacy Course.

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