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Ultimate Guide to Immune Support, Longevity and Cancer

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

Helping people with their journey to health, happiness and their goals in career, relationships and longevity.

[sharify] Your success in living a longer, higher quality life depends on your willingness to integrate the following 5 key principles for health and longevity:
  1. A plant-based protein diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Stress management
  4. Supplements personalized for you based on a hormone & metabolic assessment
  5. Love and connection

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Your success in living a longer, higher quality life depends on your willingness to integrate the following 5 key principles for health and longevity:

  1. A plant-based protein diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Stress management
  4. Supplements personalized for you based on a hormone & metabolic assessment
  5. Love and connection

Lifestyle medicine has traditionally included the first three principles of diet, exercise, and stress management. Yet to have a truly high quality, long and healthy life, you must also have love and connection, and personalized supplementation for endocrine support.

In this article, you will learn the 7 essential steps for integrating the 5 key principles. You’ll also learn how to optimize your immunity in order to heal microbial disorders such as candida, parasites and Lyme disease.

* I have been a health educator for nearly 40 years now, and what I’m about to share is based on my acquired knowledge and experience. However, please note that only a medical doctor can diagnose you and offer you medical advice.

Step #1 Focus On Your Diet

Avoid Animal Proteins

Reduce or avoid animal proteins as they tend to be high in toxic synthetic hormones. Also, the fat and protein contained in them stimulate excess hormone production that can cause cancer. Replace meat and other animal proteins with quality proteins from yams, brown rice, and hemp. We recommend using Slim Blend Protein™ which is 100 organic, free of GMOs and allergens, and rich in probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

Avoid Separated Fats

Stop the use of separated fats and oils, including olive oil, corn oil, and coconut oil. The problem with separated processed fats is that they increase the release of insulin and harmfull un-metabolized hormones. If you have chronically high triglycerides (as measured in the middle of the day after eating), limit your intake of oil to a half teaspoon per week. Get your fats from those naturally present in coconuts, olives, and avocados. *For more information on the damaging effects of separated fats, see “How to Become Diabetic in 6 hours” at

Avoid Eating Raw Nuts and Seeds

Soak nuts (walnuts, almonds, etc.) and seeds (chia seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.) before consuming them. This is important because raw nuts and seeds (with the exception of Brazil nuts) have an “anti-enzyme” property that will deplete your own enzyme supply, and soaking helps neutralize that. There is evidence that the body can produce enough enzymes in those who are in a healthy state; however, those with a weakened immune system should always presoak.

Avoid Sugar

Avoid sweets, soft drinks, chocolate and all forms of processed sugar, especially when oils or processed fats are also present.

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Is Olive Oil good or bad for you?

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Avoid Dairy

Avoid dairy products, as they stimulate chemicals in the body that depress the immune system. Use yogurt made from coconut or rice for the probiotic benefits of fermentation, while avoiding the immune-suppressing properties of dairy products.

Avoid Energy Robbers

Avoid offenders of the immune system such as alcohol, caffeine, and Red Bull energy-type drinks. They increase harmful forms of estrogens and reduce the benefits of testosterone and hormones that protect the body, leading to hormonal imbalances. These imbalances increase inflammation and affect the body adversely.

Avoid Plastic Chemicals

Chemicals from plastics, bottled water and pesticides increase xenoestrogen that converts testosterone to estradiol and 16aOHE estrone which increases the rate of cancer.

Avoid Processed Foods

Reduce processed grains; eat whole, unprocessed superfoods, without added oils. See Simply Healthy Cookbook for over 250 recipes collected by my expert staff over the last four decades.

Consume Fermented Foods for Probiotic Support

Fermented yogurt and kefir, and fermented vegetables, such as sauerkraut, are excellent for promoting a healthy gut, which is important because our immune system depends on healthy bacteria to fight off unhealthy microbes.

Consume Raw, Whole Foods

We need enzymes and they are only replaced in the body by consuming live living food. Enzymes reduce abnormal protein antigens that are potential challenges to the immune system.

Support Your Immunity with Whole Superfoods

Add raw Napa cabbage, Bok Choy, broccoli, Brussels sprouts to salads and smoothies. Make the salads with a mix of colorful vegetables high in fiber roughage

To learn how to make your salads with fat-free dressings, check out this link by Chef Roman:

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Step # 2 Increase Your Nitric Oxide Levels and Flush your system with Hydrogen H2

The simple and unique therapy of increasing hydrogen and nitric oxide levels in the body can vastly assist in the healing process. There are over 600 clinical studies according to Julian Whitaker, MD, in the use of hydrogen therapy to radically reduce free radical damage-Reactive Oxygen Toxic Species- ROTS.

This is important because excessive ROTS are the source of all disease, inflammation, and degeneration of the body.  In fact, nitric oxide combined with H2* (hydrogen) is the most potent natural antioxidant in the battle against disease and aging.

Nitric oxide levels will naturally increase by consuming large amounts of greens, Swiss chard, spinach, arugula, beets or pomegranate (try adding these to juice, blended drinks, and salads). This natural addition of plants rich in nitrates will convert in the mouth from saliva enzymes which then immediately coverts into nitric oxide. The health-enhancing effects of improved nitric oxide levels occur within five days.

The use of excess oils and separated fats, butter, coconut oils or cheeses will deplete both your nitric oxide and hydrogen levels. The average western diet contains over 120 grams of fat per day. The intake of 20 to 40 grams of fat is reasonable when consuming more nuts, seeds, olives or avocado.  It may be okay to add a teaspoon or two a day, or 1 to 4 grams of omega fatty acid-rich algae to preserve safe levels of fat in the blood without depleting nitric oxide and hydrogen levels.

However, simply rubbing essential oils on your skin will provide you with enough essential fatty acids per week, even if you consume an oil-free diet! Dr. Press proved that one application of oil on the skin per month is enough to completely relieve an essential fatty acid deficiency induced by feeding people on glucose IVs for 30 days.

 Take Supplements that Build-Up Nitric Oxide Reserves

Nitric oxide must be restored every day and at bedtime to improve the immune system. Support your health and immune system by taking ‘Stay Young’ chewable tablets every three hours; they help your body release additional nitric oxide.

I have found that swishing 16 to 32 oz. of beets & green juice in the mouth before swallowing the juice three times a day, along with chewing the supplement Stay Young, is enough to optimize your nitric oxide levels (as measured with Berkeley nitric oxide strips). This procedure will result in reaching optimum levels in two to ten days and will help you sustain this optimum disease-fighting and age reversal level for the rest of your life!

Step # 3 Detoxify

 The body depends on excretion organs such as the skin, bowels and urinary tract to release toxins being excreted. Otherwise, the immune system goes into overdrive. The process of detoxification using far infra-red-saunas, fiber-rich foods and purified, alkaline water helps your body remove heavy metals and toxins. Drink lots of clean reverse osmosis, mineralized, Kangan water and vary the PH between 7.0 to 9.5. See Liv D-Tox

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Focus on Dental Health

Improving your dental health plays a major role in detoxification and in strengthening your immune system. Start by substituting baking soda for traditional toothpaste. Add a small teaspoon of baking soda to your toothbrush each day to help both detoxify and alkalinize your body. Swapping out baking soda for traditional toothpaste will have the added benefit of reducing your exposure to toxic fluorides. Consider using a sonic toothbrush, followed by the Waterpik with bottled water or reverse osmosis filtered water; this will help to reduce harmfully, disease-causing plaque filled bacteria on your teeth.

Consume More Raw Foods to Enhance Detoxification

Whole, raw superfoods and liquids are best — and eat your fruit! In a blender, process coconut water or green blended wheatgrass and other greens. You can add a small amount of fruit along with your drink to make it more enjoyable. Adding super-nutrients will significantly build up your immune defense. Mix Slim Blend Protein, and Stem Cell Strong into your blended drink with added carrots and fresh peeled sweet potatoes.

Avoid Inflammatory Foods and Chemicals

Reduce exposure to foods and chemicals that tie up the immune system. This may include gluten, dairy, soy or individual food items that your body is rejecting. Identify and eliminate what foods or spices you are allergic to by having the ALLETESS. We can provide a kit ($275) and requisition to have the blood drawn. Fasting on a short-term basis (3 to 5 days on green juices only) will allow one’s body to be free of protein antigens that the body is reacting to. After the food allergy IGG test, reintroduce the foods that you are shown to be compatible with and avoid using the food that you are reacting to. See here IgG Food Allergy Panel

Step # 4: Exercise

 Use Exercise to Increase Oxygen Levels

One study cited by Nathan Pritikin nearly 30 years ago showed that marathon runners and strength endurance athletes have a lower overall rate of cancer because they have higher oxygen levels. Low oxygen levels cause anaerobic bacteria that live without oxygen in the intestines to increase, thus increasing the risk of colon cancer. High oxygen and fiber from whole superfoods help restore the balance of aerobic bacteria in the intestines while getting rid of the anaerobic bacteria.

Use Exercise to Improve Lymphatic Health

The lymph collects all the toxins in the body and a healthy lymphatic system is required in order to properly drain toxins and poisons from your body. Sitting and bed rest causes the body to become stagnant in its own toxins. On the other hand, daily exercise and movement help your body to clean itself and greatly improves your lymphatic function. In fact, exercise can help the lymphatic system work nearly 10 times more efficiently at removing toxins.

Use a Rebounder

Exercise twice a day on a trampoline. You can lift weights while standing on the trampoline to improve your core strength. The trampoline we use is connected to bungee cords to give full recoil and a greater bounce. Bouncing and jumping on the trampoline or bouncing chair will stimulate your lymphatic system, which will help to improve immune function. If you have poor balance or are older, or are in good shape and you like to recover faster between sets, use a bouncing chair.

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 Incorporate Intense Exercise

Speedrunning and other forms of intense cardiovascular exercise help to stimulate the lymphatic system and may even help prevent the necessity for surgical lymph node removal down the road. Try to include running fast burst training (run fast for 2 minutes then walk, then run again). I prefer as one gets in better shape to do continuous training by using a series of changes of weights to lighter and lighter weights as one gets tired to extend the sets to last as long as one hour!

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 Include Pyramiding

You can increase the intensity of exercise with weights by pyramiding (changing the weight as you get tired). All you have to do is increase or decrease the weight to do a continuous set of at least 50 to 100 reps per exercise. Weight lifting while decreasing the weight in a pyramid fashion will help you to extend the sets while you breathe in oxygen faster. Use light weights to improve your energy and avoid exhaustion. Weight lifting that is extended by pyramiding dramatically improves the flow of lymph, thus improving the immune system.

 Run Barefoot

Try running barefoot or using Axcel water surfing shoes (they slip on and have no heal or sole), see Amazon picks. Learn to run on the mid feet by leaning forward as you run and avoid heel-to-toe striking because landing on the heel of the foot is not conducive to correct running.

Use the TRUE Tesla Device

I know it sounds impossible, yet when you try the Tesla alternating-current device you will feel and experience profound muscular growth and stimulation. Use the NMS Tesla Device while at the computer, at least 3 times a week for the weaker muscle groups. Do 45 minutes per muscle group. It is okay to rotate to another muscle group, even doing 3 or 4 muscle groups.
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Exercise Outdoors

Exercise outdoors at least one hour a day because the sun helps heal the body and increases immune system function.

Focus on Alignment

The more you exercise, the more important it is to keep your body in alignment and to balance muscle groups. Add to your exercise regime stretching and hanging from a bar (at least to the count of 20). Do leg ups, curling the lower body up to the upper body while hanging from a bar high enough that you have to slightly jump up to grab the bar. This will help to align the body and keep your injury-free with a strong back and core. Look up Dr. James Stoxen of Chicago, the barefoot running doctor.

Practice Yoga

Yoga is my favorite way to align the body and calm the spirit to reduce stress. I don’t advise hot yoga unless you are equipped with enough water to drink — ideally, hydrogen water for H2 ROTS clear, consumed every 15 minutes during your session.
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Step # 5 Use Supplements for Organ and Endocrine Health

A personalized supplement protocol is a vastly overlooked, vital step to achieving optimal health. Consult with a natural healthcare practitioner to determine which organs need the most support and which hormones need balancing and then consult the information below to learn how to do so.

Enhance Liver and Adrenal Health

If you suffer from adrenal fatigue (and most of the population does), poor immunity or a sluggish liver, you will benefit from taking Adrenal DMG prior to exercise and throughout the day. Adrenal DMG can be taken upon waking, and a typical dosage is 3 capsules in the morning. If you feel tired or hungry, take 3 more capsules in the afternoon. Adrenal DMG not only helps to support adrenal and liver health, but it also provides lactic acid support and it contains Dimethylglycine DMG, which is critical to natural energy metabolism. We also use Liv D-Tox for our clients to accelerate improvements in the immune system.

Maintain Good Thyroid Levels

Maintaining good thyroid levels is essential for optimal health. Use T3, T4, whole glandular 2 capsules a day, equal to 2 grains. Use RAD Iodine, one a day. This gives the milligram dose necessary to add protection to the breast, thyroid gland, and prostate.

Step #6 Balance Hormones and Rejuvenate the Body

Use Estroblock Pro to clear bad estrogens and restore good estrogens. This improves your own body’s immune system to hunt and destroy harmful, disease-causing microbes. Take Estroblock Pro (3 a day); if you are using Estroblock original, you may need to take 4 a day. Also, take Liv D-Tox, it improves the body’s ability to prevent the conversion of testosterone to harmful un-metabolized forms of estrogen. The reduction in excess estrogen levels from taking Liv D-Tox may help cut the toxic midsection fat that usually comes from estrogen build-up over the years.

Reduce Excess Androgens

Reduce levels of androgens (testosterone, DHEA, Androstenedione, etc.) by using TestroVida Cream. It is best not to use oral DHEA or hormones taken orally. Use the transdermal or transmucosal cream delivery to get the safest delivery to the body. Use at least 1 gram on the male scrotum, and trans-anal. For females, use 1 small teaspoon on the perineum or vaginally, every morning upon rising.

Herbal Testosterone Products

Use TestroVida capsules and Stay Young to optimize your SHBG to allow the release of free testosterone. The key is to balance the androgen hormone levels to improve immune strength while not exceeding levels, which over-stimulates the body.

Supplements to Take with Birth Control

Birth control pills are synthetic and unnatural. Use Estroblock or Estroblock Pro to offset the side-effects of these synthetic oral hormones. The excess progesterone in birth control pills can convert to more testosterone and 16aOHE, causing acne and oily skin, and problems with the immune system. If you take birth control, you can benefit from the potent plant indole-based herbs and 5 other key ingredients in Estroblock.

Restore Growth Hormones

Natural youthful levels of human growth hormone and IGF-1 are supportive of a healthy immune system. The best, gentlest way to restore growth factors is by using Grow Young spray that is time-released for growth factors and Renuva powder that stimulates your own IGF-1 production.

If you take injectable Growth Hormones, you may need to reduce the dosage to prevent excessive production of sebum showing up in the skin as acne. Growth factors improve the uptake of androgens by sebum cells, which produce the skin’s oily layer. Low dosages of growth hormones can lower blood levels of SHBG, thus freeing up androgens that rapidly enter the target cells.

Acne and Hormones

The high androgen levels in the sebum cells over-stimulate sebum production, resulting in acne or over-stimulation of the immune system. We need to have the correct balance of hormones, not too high or too low.

It’s worth noting, that acne is often caused by an overconsumption of dairy, yogurt, meat, chicken, fish, and eggs, which are all excessively high in the amino acid leucine. Leucine increases the enzyme mTOR which is associated with a higher risk of both cancer and acne.

Switch immediately to foods low in the amino acid leucine including vegetables, plant-based proteins, beans, brown rice, whole soaked nuts, seeds, and fruits (fruits have polyphenols that stabilize the fruit sugar from the fruit, rendering it safe, while industrial man-made fructose sugar is to be avoided). See and read Acne Be Gone For Good Now Naturally, by Nick Delgado

Step # 7: Focus on Love and Connection

Ever notice that sick people have a low sex drive? A lack of sexual drive associated with illness is a key sign that one’s hormones are depleted. Lack of androgen hormones not only causes one to lose their sex drive but also do not have enough hormones to maintain a healthy immune system. Thierry Hertoghe, hormone expert and author of The Hormone Solution, states that an early interest in sex and continued intimacy is one of the most important keys to longevity. Dr. Weeks found that healthy people aged 90 to 105 years old continue to enjoy pleasurable sex life.

Intimacy and Love

Sex is essential for a high quality of life and stress relief. Love can open your spirit to healing. See Healthy individuals enjoy the building of sexual tension, which ultimately increases the ability of the body to heal. Sexual energy is a healing force that must be increased and maintained. Allow your body to increase this powerful sexual energy by having sexual encounters, yet delay orgasm for up to 10 days when you are working to restore the immune system. See “Mastering Love, Sex and Intimacy Course”

If you struggle with a lowered sex drive, or simply want to enhance an already healthy one, take TestroVida Pro and AMORE three times a week or as needed prior to intimacy. Also, try the Passion Pill dissolved in the mouth prior to intimacy.

Success principal’s expert Napoleon Hill states sexual energy is the most powerful motivation and that we can transmute this amazing energy into our thoughts to achieve our most important goals. Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill is an insightful book that has been hidden by the Hill family for more than 70 years because he spoke openly about sex and corruption in organized religion.

Check-out these interesting videos on how one can achieve multiple orgasms without ever being touched, by simply utilizing the power of the mind through hypnosis.

Bonus Lifestyle Tips

Utilize the Power of the Sun

Cortisol deficiency inflames the body. Gentle exposure to the sun helps reduce inflammation, improves testosterone levels, boosts immunity and enhances skin function. The sun naturally increases Vitamin D and supports healthy adrenal function, and cortisol levels. 500,000 lux of energy comes from the sun, whereas indoor light only allows 50,000 lux of energy. Be outdoors at least 30 minutes in the sun daily, indirect to eyes, without sunglasses.

Prioritize and Optimize Sleep

Go to bed no later than 9:30 p.m. Darken the room, even cover up night lights, and wear eye covers. For optimum immune healing, aim to sleep 8-9 hours per night. Consider taking melatonin at bedtime (a liquid low dose of 0.25 mg-0.5 mg). Melatonin crosses the blood-brain barrier and builds immune function and may help to reduce the risk for brain cancer tumors. Use BOSE’S noise cancellation earphone set, even without any soundtrack, or use a soothing meditation track or listen to our LFC Deep SLEEP script. See order LFC sleep mask.

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Reduce Excess Body Fat

Excess body fat is dangerous to your health! If you are obese or overweight, it can cause excess estrogen production and decrease testosterone. Go on the Delgado Diet and fitness plan using high-intensity training and use the Laser Focus “release fat” scripts to achieve your optimal body weight.


Come to Delgado Protocol for the Simply Healthy Lifestyle Program. Call us at 866-319-0566. Enter into our Anti-Aging Makeover Program to have access to the private pass protected web site information not available to the general web. 


Great Videos and Audio Links

Dr. Day– Cure Your Body of Cancer:

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Reference: Fatigue to Vitality and Grow Young and Slim by Nick Delgado

Resources and Reading:

John McDougall Plan and A Second Opinion
China Study by T.C Campbell
Forks over Knives and YouTube video–must view – Lorraine Day MD has the best CD/DVD of how she beat cancer and has helped thousands to overcome cancer
Best Cancer treatments on
Chicken Soup for the Soul Cancer Survivors
Robert Young “Miracle PH”
Start Laser Focus concentration to achieve your health goals. Read a script or listen to the recordings daily or read it into your phone or android; for best results listen to it daily.  You will get the best support with our anti-aging makeover plan.

Laugh and bring joy into your life.

Nick Delgado Ph.D. Lifestyle Medicine Coach

DISCLAIMER; This is not intended to replace advice from your doctor as this is nutritional coaching only, not medical advice, I present this opinion as my right as an Ordained Minister to freedom of speech

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