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World-Wide Isolation and Big Pharma Solutions Are Causing More Harm Than Good!

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

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Some investigative reports feel that Big pharma and the government have brainwashed too many people into believing the solution to the coronavirus pandemic is world-wide forced isolation, antibiotics, deadly malarial drugs, expensive and toxic vaccinations, and unsustainable "ill-care." 

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Some investigative reports feel that Big pharma and the government have brainwashed too many people into believing the solution to the coronavirus pandemic is world-wide forced isolation, antibiotics, deadly malarial drugs, expensive and toxic vaccinations, and unsustainable “ill-care.” 

None of these approaches will eradicate the coronavirus and they all harm the one thing that can actually save us from it – our immune systems. 

We need to take control of our own health and stop allowing Big Pharma to make us sicker and profit handsomely off of our suffering. In the past few months, Big Pharma has been given hundreds of billions of our tax-payer dollars for research into coronavirus vaccinations and drugs. And Bill Gates is in on it. He is currently positioning himself as a lobbyist for public health, giving talks on the 3 steps the US government needs to take ‘to save lives and get the country back to work.’ And guess what his 3rd recommendation was? It was to funnel more money into vaccine development, which will benefit him, as he took out a patent in 2015 and stands to make billions of dollars off vaccinations.

Antibiotics are also being touted as a possible treatment for coronavirus. But antibiotics are a ridiculous solution – they are designed to kill bacteria, not viruses, and taking them kills off all the healthy bacteria in your gut where 80% of your immune system resides. They also cause healthy bacteria to be replaced by harmful, mutated bacteria, which increases your chances for contracting infectious diseases and lowers your body’s ability to recover from them. And the malaria drugs that were just approved by the FDA to be used as an emergency coronavirus treatment are even worse than antibiotics. They have no proven efficacy, they are extremely toxic, and they are associated with nearly 100 adverse reactions including permanent blindness and death.

The enforcement of social distancing is also causing more harm than good and it has been at the expense of our human rights to love and freedom. We are being told to isolate and stay inside when what we need the most is outdoor fresh air, sun exposure, and time with friends and family. Isolation causes loneliness which has been proven to be more harmful to your health than obesity and smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Social isolation is also leading to record unemployment levels, and if we allow it to continue, famine, and a worldwide financial collapse will occur.

It’s also outrageous that we are being told to stay inside and banned from nature which is scientifically proven to bolster human health. Police are stopping people from taking solo swims in the ocean and walks on the beach and forcing them to congregate around shared swimming pools and walk on crowded side-walks instead. Where is the logic? 

6 Key Steps for the World to Recover

Nutrify with a Plant-Based Diet

In order to boost our immune systems, we need to nutrify our bodies with a whole-foods, plant-based diet; and eliminate or at the very least, vastly reduce our intake of oil, processed foods, and animal products. To give the sick the best chance of recovery, wholefood plant-based meals should be served in all hospitals, starting immediately. 

We also need to eliminate stimulants including sugar and caffeine. To boost energy and immunity naturally, consume 64 oz of fresh vegetable juice daily in place of coffee. Also ensure you are consuming lots of fiber (aim for 110 grams/day). Fiber helps to clear out toxins and supports healthy bacteria in the gut.

Cut Out Animal Products and Isolate Feed-lot Animals

The projected deaths from coronavirus is expected to reach 80,000 globally by July, while the USA alone has millions of people dying monthly related to an animal protein based diet. The consumption of animal products increases the risk for almost every chronic disease, including diabetes, obesity, cancer, and America’s#1 killer – heart disease. 

But animal products aren’t just bad for us because they cause chronic disease; ducks, chicken, cattle beef, pork, fish, dairy, and eggs are the primary carriers of highly infectious and contagious viruses. We need to let humans be free and quarantine feedlot animals instead. Unfortunately, Trump will never do this though because he owns investments in the “beef industry” worth 2 billion dollars.


We are exposed to toxins 24-7, they are in our water, our food, our cars, our homes, and our personal care products. They are also in our air, not just in the form of pollutants but also radio waves. Due to the sweat ducts shape, humans are particularly susceptible to the damaging effects of cell towers and the proliferation of 5G towers is dramatically worsening the impact. In fact some people such as Dr Thomas Cowan attribute the spread of coronavirus to the recent implementation of 5G towers (you can watch his talk on this here).  

Our detox organs cannot keep up with all these toxins and most of us have compromised liver function and immune system defenses as a result. Herbal formulations such as Liv D-Tox, that contain silymarin, wasabi root and a blend of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant herbs, can be used to rejuvenate the b

liver so that it can do its job of eliminating toxins.

Fortify with nNatural Herbal Supplements

Consuming a healthy diet and detoxifying your body will help to optimize your health but it is rarely enough to reverse all the damage that has been caused by modern day living. Most of us have compromised adrenal function thanks to chronic stress and stimulant use, and our adrenal glands play a vital role in supporting immunity. A nutraceutical that contains adrenal cortex and adaptogenic herbs can be used to boost adrenal function (for a clinical strength formula try Adrenal DMG). We also need to boost the function of our stem cells and mitochondria so that they can mount a strong defense against the coronavirus and other infectious diseases. 

A nutraceutical that contains key methyl donor nutrients is also recommended because methyl donors support the methylation process which plays a vital role in the suppression of viral DNA. Poor methylation allows viruses to hijack the cell and replicate themselves. Neuro Insight is a clinically formulated supplement that contains key methyl donors. The special ingredient combination in Neuro Insight helps to process toxic chemicals that you are exposed to on a daily basis and reduce the toxic build-up and inflammation that leads to weakened immunity.

*See, for a special deal on 6 powerful all-natural immune boosting supplements, with proprietary blended formulations designed by doctors.

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

In order to support our immune systems we need to reduce stress, get enough quality sleep by practicing sleep hygiene, and exercise regularly. We also need to spend time outdoors, breathing in fresh air, and exposing our skin to sunlight. If you cannot get at least 15 minutes a day of skin exposure to sunlight, you should take a D3 supplement which provides vitamin D in the most natural and bioavailable form (call us to order our 5,000 IU D3 plus probiotic supplement).

Emphasize Love and Connection

We need to connect now more than ever. We also need to replace fear with love – fear triggers the fight or flight stress response, increases inflammation and stiffens the immune system. In other words – the more you are stressing about getting the virus the more likely you are to get it. 

Sex and intimacy are also incredibly helpful (always protect yourself with a condom if you’re not in a monogamus relationship). Cuddling, caressing and love making increase natural IGA antibodies that defend us from viruses. Hugs are also a great way to boost your immunity. Make sure to demonstrate your love to your family and friends often – feeling cared for boosts the immune system and studies show it reduces the risk of contracting colds and viruses. Those who have a loving support system also recover more quickly from illnesses, so make sure you reach out to all the elderly and sick in your life and let them know how much they mean to you. 


We’ve all been mandated to isolate for another month, which means most of us have a lot more free time on our hands. If you want to make the most of this time, subscribe to my YouTube channel: and learn cutting-edge ways to boost the immune system, fight aging, deepen intimacy, and live a long, healthy life. Also go to and RSVP for my upcoming FREE immune system course April 22 @ 4 pm PST / 7 pm EST.