Better Than Temporary Diets

Change Your Life

Beverly lost more than 150 pounds, and has kept it off for 4 years now. She had trouble following normal diets but with Dr. Delgado’s weight loss program she not only had a breakthrough, she experienced lifelong change.

Persistent Weight Loss Program

Focal Points

Neural Reprogramming

Most programs fail because they force you to rely on willpower for change. Learn to reprogram your behavior for effortless lifelong change.

Biochemistry Is Critical

For some people, they can eat whatever they want and they remain at their ideal weight. Yet for others due to hormonal imbalances no matter they do they stay overweight. We help you change that!

Personalized Diet Based On Science

Nearly all weight loss diets rely on extremely low calories to work leaving their followers tired all the time. It also isn’t sustainable as a lifestyle but only a temporary fix. You want something that will change you for life.

Efficient Fitness

Everyone in the working world is busy and time is precious. A lot of people cannot carve hours out of their schedules to exercise. We teach you the least time consuming and most efficient ways to fitness.

Persistent Weight Loss Program

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