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Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

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Unlocking Health Insights with Phase Contrast Hematology

In the realm of preventive health, Phase Contrast Hematology emerges as a powerful tool, enabling immediate measurement of natural defenses and accurate assessment of disease risk. This groundbreaking procedure, often overlooked, holds the key to minimizing health risks and combating the effects of aging.

Understanding Phase Contrast Hematology

To demystify this advanced technique, let’s break down its name. “Phase contrast” refers to an optical method generating high-contrast images, particularly useful for observing moving fluids and uncovering biological structures invisible to standard microscopes. “Hematology” delves into the study of blood physiology. In essence, Phase Contrast Hematology microscopes present real-time digital images of live blood on a screen.


Revealing Vital Health Insights

This innovative approach provides an in-depth analysis of blood characteristics, including size, shape, viscosity, and quantity of blood cells. Moreover, it unveils microbial activity, triglycerides, and lipid materials in the blood. These insights serve as an early warning system for potential degenerative conditions and diseases, empowering individuals to take proactive measures for optimal health.

Unmasking Oxidation Levels

An essential aspect of Phase Contrast Hematology is its ability to measure oxidation levels, identifying free radical damage, a primary contributor to aging and disease. By scrutinizing morphological configurations in clotted blood, influenced by Reactive Oxygen Toxic Species (ROTS), the procedure offers a unique window into potential health risks.

Assessing Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Stroke Risk

This advanced hematology screening extends its reach to evaluate lipids, triglycerides, and glucose levels, providing a comprehensive understanding of one’s risk for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Notably, it sheds light on elevated lipid levels and red blood cell clumping, emphasizing the significance of maintaining a healthy, low-fat diet.

Additional Benefits and Applications

Beyond the basics, Phase Contrast Hematology can gauge inflammation levels, identify microbial infections, detect anemia and fatigue-related conditions, unveil heavy metal toxicity, and assess immune system health. Its visual representation of internal imbalances serves as motivation for individuals to adopt necessary diet and lifestyle modifications, fostering a commitment to healthier living.

Contrasting with Standard Blood Tests

Distinguishing itself from standard blood tests, Phase Contrast Hematology utilizes whole, live, unadulterated blood, offering instant and visual results. Obtained from a simple fingertip blood drop, the procedure is virtually painless, providing a holistic view of overall health and disease risk.

Complementary Testing with Alere Cholestech

For a comprehensive health assessment, combining Phase Contrast Hematology with Alere Cholestech is recommended. This FDA-approved device measures lipid profiles, cholesterol, and glucose levels, allowing individuals to calculate their risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes with instant, pain-free results.

Considerations for Phase Contrast Hematology

While invaluable for understanding internal dynamics, it’s crucial to note that Phase Contrast Hematology is not a diagnostic test. Instead, it serves as a preventive and monitoring tool. To address imbalances revealed in screenings, a clinically proven wellness program, outlined in the book “Stay Young,” offers a natural approach to optimize health and reverse diseased states.

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