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Three Hormones to Become Immune to Coronavirus

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

Helping people with their journey to health, happiness and their goals in career, relationships and longevity.

Coronavirus numbers continue to climb exponentially, and because the COVID-19 strain is new to humans we don't have acquired immunity to it yet. However, that doesn't mean there is nothing you can do to protect yourself. Boosting your immune system will help you become immune to the coronavirus and if you do contract it, it will make the symptoms notably less severe and hasten the recovery process. 

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Coronavirus numbers continue to climb exponentially, and because the COVID-19 strain is new to humans we don’t have acquired immunity to it yet. However, that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do to protect yourself. Boosting your immune system will help you become immune to the coronavirus and if you do contract it, it will make the symptoms notably less severe and hasten the recovery process. 

I have shared a lot of insights on the best diet to consume, foods to avoid, and lifestyle modifications you can make to turbocharge your immunity, which you can access here: There are also 3 hormones which can help defend you against the coronavirus, which I will explain in detail below. 


Insulin and insulin sensitivity help prevent high blood sugar which is known to weaken immune defenses. Recent research has also revealed immune cells are regulated by metabolic signals from insulin. Scientists from Toronto General Hospital identified a specific insulin signaling pathway that, when activated, increases the response of T-cells in the immune system, which are white blood cells that play a key role in immunity. 

According to Senior Author, Dr. Winer: “T-Cells need more signals to boost their activation after they encounter a foreign invader…the insulin receptor or signaling molecule is like a second push to the immune system to ensure that it can fight off the infection with the best possible weapons it has.” The researchers believe this link is the explanation for why obese insulin-resistance individuals have weakened immune responses, and increased susceptibility to developing severe infections. This could also explain why people with diabetes are more likely to experience severe symptoms and complications from coronavirus. 

So how can this knowledge help protect you? If you want to optimize your immune system, you need to optimize insulin sensitivity and regulate your blood sugar levels. In order to do so, you should consume a high-fiber plant-based diet prepared without oils with lots of colorful fruits and vegetables, citrus, herbs and spices; and eat something small every 3 hours based on intuitive eating as you feel weak or hungry. Remember, Scientific American study covering nearly 100 years of research shows feed a cold and Feed a fever to have energy to fight the coronavirus. That does not mean over eat, that means eat within a window of 8 am to 8 pm and if you eat late at night make sure its lite such as fruit, vegetables prepared without oil and or tubers. Meat or dairy are too heavy in calories much like sugar or oil are too excessively high in calories. 

Also, get more sleep, exercise regularly, and reduce stress. If you struggle with sticking to a healthy eating plan or exercise regime get my LFC hypnosis tracks. Listen to them daily, and it will program your subconscious mind and eliminate the struggle.


Testosterone replacement therapy has been used for over 70 years in both men and women to treat symptoms and various diseases. It has immune-modulating properties, and current in vitro research suggests it may increase the expression of anti-inflammatory cytokines and reduce the expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines; both of which help to reduce inflammation throughout the body. This is beneficial to immunity because chronic inflammation leads to autoimmunity and several chronic diseases which can negatively affect your immune system. 

Studies also show bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy lowers total cholesterol and the combination of reducing inflammation and cholesterol, bolsters cardiovascular health. This is helpful when it comes to coronavirus because cardiovascular disease is linked to severe symptoms and a higher risk of death. The heart is able to beat continuously awake or asleep partly because the heart has more testosterone receptor sites than any organ in the body! 

I recommend you avoid conventional synthetic injectable testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) as it is associated with many harmful and troublesome side-effects and there are safe and effective alternatives available. BHRT is bio identical hormone replacement yet one problem with compounded testosterone cream is it rarely has any herbs added to reduce conversion to estrogen and worse these compound pharmacies use a base cream loaded with chemicals. We use only a natural base for delivery of these incredible androgen enhancing herbs. One option is to get Testro Genesis Cream and apply it daily to your neck and chest. It contains 5-A-Hydroxy-Laxogenin which increases the natural production of your free and total testosterone. It also contains bioavailable zinc, DIM and DHEA to bolster your immune system, as well as the natural antivirals – alpha-lipoic acid, lavender and vitamin B2. Because it is a cream, it gets directly absorbed through your skin into your bloodstream, which leads to immediate and notable results. Also offers an even more potent version of this called Testrogenin, which for women over the weight of 180 lbs who are concerned about cellulite (this testrogenin cream has an ingredient based on pilot studies to target cellulite), or men accustomed to being more like an “alpha male” the Testrogenin can be the best choice for you. 

You can also take Testrovida Pro daily, as it contains several herbs that boost testosterone and activate your body’s natural defense system, as well as 3 different types of bioavailable zinc to further boost your immune system. And your final option is testosterone pellets which are implanted under the skin. Because they’re bioidentical and mimic your body’s own testosterone release system, they are extremely safe and have very few side effects.

Bio identical Hormone Pellets are particularly more effective and safest with one taking DIM 259, Estroblock Pro, or DHT Block along with LivDtox, then to handle phase three estrogen metabolism including Neuro Insight and or Neuro Inspire. The line offers some additional potent brands that I like too for the effectiveness of optimizing testosteone while clearing harmful metabolites of estrogen which happen more agressively in certain people, especially obese individuals more than 50 pounds overweight. 

Remember the coronavirus is especially more virulent in those who are obese, have diabetes, are over the age of 50 and are using drugs or alcohol. These herbal products and my 4 step program of 1) detoxify, 2) nutrify 3) fortify 4) mind “neuro reprogramming” must be started immediately for best results to support a healthy immune system. 

Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone (HGH) influences the regeneration of every cell in the body, and this includes crucial immune cells. It has been found to promote growth of the thymus, a gland that’s responsible for the production of T cells. It also stimulates the production of the T-cells and B-cells both of which play an essential role in immunity. Plus it stimulates the synthesis of immunoglobulins, which are proteins made by the immune system to fight viruses and other antigens. And finally, it modulates cytokine response, which is beneficial because cytokines signal T-cells, B-cells, and other helper cells to move towards sites of inflammation, infection, and trauma.

To boost HGH reduce your sugar intake, consume a low-processed fat diet, partake in high-intensity exercise, do short intermittent fasts where you skip meals past 8 pm and don’t eat until the next day, and get high-quality sleep by implementing sleep hygiene methods. I also recommend you use Beet Vitality rich in amino acids daily. It is a supplement that helps to elevate growth factors even in those who do not produce much of it on their own. This growth hormone complex is combined with amino acids that release HGH and other healing growth factors. PS. make an appointment with me and my team of hormone anti-aging experts to evaluate the benefit of peptides. See my online course recorded for medical doctors and highly educated audiences on health and longevity.