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This Delicious Superfood Powder Will Completely Transform Your Life

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

Helping people with their journey to health, happiness and their goals in career, relationships and longevity.

If you’re looking for a noticeable improvement in your energy and appearance and want to attack aging head-on then Beet Vitality is your answer. Just one scoop a day can help you experience explosive energy,  improved sports performance and stamina, quicker recovery time, better sex, rejuvenating sleep, fewer wrinkles, more radiant skin, and renewed cellular and organ health! 

If you’re skeptical I don’t blame you. I mean how can just one supplement produce so many benefits?! This proprietary anti-aging formula is so powerful because it contains both concentrated beetroot and protein peptides. Beetroot is loaded with nutrients that help to fight inflammation, scavenge free radicals and enhance circulation. And it’s a natural source of several important vitamins and minerals for health and vitality, including vitamin C, B12, Niacin, potassium, manganese, iron, and phosphorus. 

Beets are also one of the richest plant-based sources of nitrates. Studies show that consuming plant nitrates can result in more efficient energy production, better exercise performance, enhanced sexual pleasure, and improved exercise recovery (due to a reduction of lactate production). Nitrates also help to boost your immune system by helping the white blood cells to better protect you against harmful organisms. 

Protein peptides increase the release of growth hormones (GH). This is beneficial because the naturally occurring decline in GH levels that occurs with age is considered to be a contributor to many of the signs and symptoms of aging. GH also helps to support cardiovascular health, maintain and repair healthy tissue in the brain and other organs, and many use it to lose weight and reduce wrinkles. 

The benefits of the amino acids in Beet Vitality are not limited to GH – each amino acid in this formula produces a range of additional benefits.

Protein Amino Acids in Beet Vitality and their Benefits:

L-Arginine (L-Arginine HCl) – Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid and supplementing with it can increase energy, fat burning, and muscle building; enhance immunity, boost human growth hormone (HGH), support healthy hormone balance, and improve erectile function in men. Arginine also protects blood vessel walls, which helps to reduce the cell damage and inflammation that causes plaque formation, heart attacks, and stroke. 

Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA) – GABA is associated with numerous health benefits, including enhanced relaxation and decreased stress levels; healthy hormone balance, the reduction of chronic pain associated with arthritis, the promotion of REM sleep, the stabilization of blood pressure, and the release of HGH.

Glutamine – Glutamine is a clinically recognized HGH releaser. It helps to support healthy hormone balance, to increase energy, to boost immune function, and to reduce stress. It also helps enhance post-workout recovery time. 

Glycine – Glycine helps maintain central nervous system health. It has a calming effect on the body, boosts the immune system, promotes liver detoxification and prostate health, and enhances energy production. It also comprises up to a third of the collagen in the human body and is required for the synthesis of hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying molecule in the blood. 

L-Lysine – L-Lysine HCl supports healthy hormone balance and is a neurotransmitter precursor, and an HGH releaser. It is an essential building block for all proteins needed for cellular growth, maintenance of muscle mass, and biochemistry. It also helps your body absorb calcium which makes it critical for growing bones and other tissues. 

L-Ornithine – Supplementation with l-ornithine has been shown to have therapeutic effects in humans suffering from trauma, infections, cancer, burns, and stress. Ornithine also helps support healthy hormone balance and is a neurotransmitter precursor and HGH releaser.

L-Glutamic Acid – It’s used by the body to build proteins and balance hormones. It helps to enhance memory and learning capabilities, and reduce stress and anxiety. It also helps maintain prostate health, increases exercise tolerance and improve heart function.

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) – MSM is the fourth most essential element in human nutrition after oxygen, water, and salt. It enhances cell wall permeability, which boosts the ability of water and nutrients to flow into cells, and helps wastes and toxins to properly flow out. MSM helps maintain healthy connective tissues like tendons, ligaments, and muscles; it helps reduce muscle pains and cramps, it fights inflammation and helps alleviate arthritic pain. It also helps improve hair, skin and nail health and reduce physical signs of aging. 

L-Tyrosine– A l-tyrosine deficiency can lead to impaired muscular function, stress-related depression, mood disorders, and mental fatigue. Tyrosine is converted by skin cells into melanin, which protects against the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. L-Tyrosine also supports healthy hormone balance, it is a neurotransmitter precursor, and it acts as a natural stress reliever.

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