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The Ultimate Preventative Health Tool That Every Doctor Should Have and Every Patient Should Request

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

Helping people with their journey to health, happiness and their goals in career, relationships and longevity.

Phase contrast hematology is a procedure that allows doctors to instantly measure the strength of each patient’s natural defenses, and to assess their disease risk. It is an invaluable preventative health tool, that can be used to dramatically decrease the risk of illness, and guard against the effects of the body’s aging process.

What Phase Contrast Hematology Is

Phase contrast hematology is a bit of a mouthful, and if you don’t have a science background than the best way to understand what it is, is to breakdown its name. Phase contrast is an optical technique that produces high contrast images. Phase contrast microscopes can be used to visualize moving fluids and they allow you to see biological structures that are not visible by a simpler microscope. Hematology means the study of the physiology (normal biological functioning) of blood. Phase contrast hematology microscopes show digital images of live blood on a screen in real-time.

What It Does

Phase contrast hematology allows both the patient and physician to see the size, shape, viscosity and quantity of blood cells; as well as microbial activity, triglycerides and lipid materials in the blood. The images of the blood that are displayed tell you a lot about your overall health. The blood contents and consistency can serve as an early warning sign for degenerative conditions and disease, which impowers you to take the appropriate dietary and lifestyle measures to reverse the disease process and restore optimal health.

It Assesses Oxidation

The level of oxidation (free radical damage) can also be measured, which is beneficial because free radical damage is a root cause of aging and disease. The test screens and analyzes the various morphological configurations detected in clotted (coagulated) blood. These morphological configurations are primarily the result of breakdown products caused by ROTS. ROTS are reactive oxygen toxic species, and they include all the known free radicals as well as other reactive species that cause oxidative damage in the body.

Research has linked ROTS activity to all known forms of degenerative disease and numerous other pathologies, ranging from cancer, to allergies, to pulmonary hypertension, to acute localized trauma, to chronic infections.[i] If a high level of ROTS is detected in your blood, you can safeguard your health by decreasing toxin exposure and increasing antioxidant intake. For tasty, easy-to-make, antioxidant-dense recipes get a copy of The Simply Health Cookbook

It Assesses Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stroke Risk

Phase contrast hematology screens for lipids, triglycerides and glucose levels, which indicates your risk level for heart disease, stroke and diabetes.[ii] It also shows the elevated lipid levels in the blood and clumping of red blood cells that occurs after eating animal products, sugar and/or fatty foods. If this condition of excess lipids in the blood is repeated day-after-day, the long-term risk of heart disease and stroke increases dramatically. Seeing the elevated lipid levels and clumping effects of consuming these foods helps cement the importance of consuming a healthy, low-fat diet.

*If your lipid and glucose levels are significantly elevated or if they are high in spite of consuming a healthy diet, you may want to consider taking a nutraceutical such as PCOS Heart Plus to reduce your risk for developing heart disease and diabetes.

Additional Benefits and Uses

It assesses inflammation levels, which is a root cause of most if not all chronic diseases
It shows candida and other yeasts, bacteria, parasites and viruses which can be indicative of infection
It identifies anemia and other conditions of fatigue
It detects heavy metal toxicity
It assesses immune system health
It can detect an overactive immune system (which creates conditions such as allergies and inflammation)
The visual representation of internal imbalance provides motivation to comply with necessary diet and lifestyle modifications
Improving diet, exercise and nutritional supplementation often leads to immediate and significant improvements in the appearance of the blood, and seeing those changes creates incentive to stick with healthy lifestyle changes

How Phase Contrast Hematology Differs From Standard Blood Tests

Phase contrast blood hematology differs from standard blood tests because it uses whole, live, unadulterated blood (as opposed to just parts of dead blood). The procedure is also simple and relatively painless – all that is required is a small drop of blood which is taken from the fingertip. It processes thousands of blood cell analysis tests in minutes, the results are instant, and it provides the patient with a visual indication of their overall health and disease risk (which standard blood tests could never do).

Complementary Testing

For the most comprehensive picture of your health, phase contrast hematology should be combined with the Alere Cholestech. Cholestech is a state-of-the-art, FDA approved device that measures your lipid profile, cholesterol and glucose levels. [iii] The results Cholestech provides, allows you to calculate your risk for two of America’s leading killers — cardiovascular disease and diabetes.[iv] It is superior to other lipid profile and glucose analysis tests because it provides instant results, it is virtually pain-free, fasting prior to the test is not required, and it has an exceptionally high accuracy rate.[v]


Although phase contrast hematology is an invaluable informational tool that educates you on what is going on inside your body, it’s not a diagnostic test. It is not meant to diagnose a disease; it is meant to help you prevent or monitor the progression of a disease process. A comprehensive, clinically proven wellness program is the most effective way to reverse any type of imbalance revealed in your blood screening, and my book Stay Young, provides you with exactly that! For just $9.99 you’ll learn everything you need to know to optimize your health, slow aging and prevent and reverse diseased states naturally.