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The Remarkable Benefits of Mutually Pleasurable Sex

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

Helping people with their journey to health, happiness and their goals in career, relationships and longevity.

Valentine’s day is around the corner and the ultimate gift for you and your lover is a lengthy, mutually pleasurable, love making session. Celebrating this holiday by reconnecting intimately with your partner is more important now than ever. The reason being, that technology and social media has created an individualistic society with a huge disconnect from others, including our loved ones. This has led to decreased relationship satisfaction and ever-increasing divorce rates. Sex is the most powerful way to reconnect with your partner, and the myriad of benefits it produces are listed below.

Relationship Benefits

Couples who report greater sexual frequency and satisfaction, have a much higher chance of remaining in a long, stable relationship, and there is a notably lower divorce rate among them. There is also a dose-dependent relationship — the more sex a couple has, the happier they claim to be together. Sex helps you feel more connected and closer to your partner and strengthens the bond between you two. The intimacy of the act itself helps you reconnect, and it’s what separates couples from mere roommates.

According to large-scale studies, couples who have a healthy sex life are also more satisfied and more content with their relationship. One reason for this is that reaching orgasm causes a release of the love hormone oxytocin — which is a key formulator of love, trust, and connectivity. Oxytocin also helps promote positive relationship behaviors such as listening, laughing, and affirming. The enhanced communication that it promotes, reduces tension and stress between couples and makes conflict resolution a whole lot easier.

Sex and Longevity

Studies have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that regular sexual intimacy increases longevity. Inhabitants of the longest living populations in the world tend to fall in love early and maintain an interest in sex throughout their lives. And there appears to be a dose-dependent relationship between sex and longevity — the more sex a person has, the lower their risk of death.

Sex dramatically reduces stress levels, which is beneficial because stress damages DNA, lowers the immune system, increases your risk for chronic disease, and can shave between 4 and 8 years of your life expectancy. Sex also helps to stimulate and balance neurotransmitters and hormones that effect longevity. In fact, citizens of the longest living populations that are aged 100+ (centenarians) have been found to have sex hormone levels that are higher than Westerners who are 30 years younger than them.

Mental and Emotional Benefits

Sex helps to markedly reduce stress and anxiety levels by releasing endorphins that flush the stress hormone-cortisol out of the body. Being physically and emotionally close with another human being also helps enhance feelings of security and wellbeing, which leads to increased happiness levels and a reduced risk for depression. The mere sight of your lover triggers the release of PEA hormone, which is a hormone that makes people feel attached and happy. Sex also helps remind you of your masculinity and sexuality, makes you feel desirable, and in the context of a relationship, makes you feel loved and accepted– all of which enhance self-esteem.

Antiaging Benefits

“I say that physical intimacy and exercise are your best defense against aging and bad health. This potent duo is a far cheaper prescription than any skin-enhancing cosmetic cream you can buy or any pill in your bathroom.” — Secrets of the Superyoung by David Weeks

Sex helps to slow the inward and outward signs of aging by boosting anti-aging hormones. After an orgasm, the wrinkles on your face are reduced, and you are left with a youthful afterglow. Sex that is physically active also releases a small amount of HGH, which is an anti-aging hormone that enhances skin elasticity. And the effects are notable – according to a study published in the book Secrets of the Superyoung, by David Weeks, improving the quality of one’s sex life can help a person to look between four and seven years younger.

Physical Benefits

Sexual arousal and intercourse both help to naturally increase testosterone levels, a deficiency of which is common in aging men and women. Testosterone dramatically enhances sexual function and libido, and helps to increase bone and muscle mass, promote fat loss, brighten mood, and increase memory…to name a few (to further increase testosterone try our all-natural, physician formulated supplement TestroVida Pro). Sex also releases beta-endorphins and other natural painkilling chemicals in the brain that help to reduce both chronic and acute pain. It has been found to be particularly helpful for relieving pain associated with headaches, migraines, and arthritis.

Orgasms increase DHEA, and DHEA helps boost immunity and cognitive capabilities; promote healthy, youthful looking skin; increase sex hormones, fight sexual dysfunction, repair damaged tissue, and fight depression. Orgasms also cause the release of prolactin, melatonin, and oxytocin — all of which promote relaxation, and a deep, restful sleep. The effect seems to be stronger in men than in women, which could be because many women don’t orgasm during sex, and/or because the levels of prolactin released in men may be higher.

Sex helps enhance heart health by lowering blood pressure and stress, which are two major risk factors for heart disease. And according to a 10-year-long study conducted at Queen’s University, Belfast, people who have orgasms at least twice a week experience half as many heart attacks and stroke. Preliminary research suggests sex may also help enhance prostate health. One study found men who ejaculate at least 21 times a month (from sex or masturbation) have a significantly lower risk of prostate cancer than men who ejaculate 4-7 times per month.

Sex is also an enjoyable form of exercise – it helps increase heart rate and burns approximately 5 calories a minute. It makes you smarter too! Research shows regular sex increases brain activity and may even bolster brain growth, critical thinking capabilities, and intelligence levels. If all that weren’t enough, sex can help prevent you from getting sick. According to research conducted at Wilkes University, Pennsylvania, people who have sex two or more times weekly, have 30{26cc0ed11e2bb6722aeee461b889fb0a3f7e0a26d72d2ac41cff8364d94a8d9c} higher levels of the immune-boosting, infection-fighting antibody immunoglobulin A.


Unfortunately, satisfying sex is more of an exception than a rule — 41 of men and 27 of women report being sexually dissatisfied, and a mere 30 of women report having an orgasm every time. This saddening fact prompted me to write two books (one for men and one for women) on how to achieve optimal sexual health, increase desire and pleasure, please your partner, and attain a mutually blissful sex-life. I’ll be releasing these two groundbreaking books on Valentine’s Day. A copy for you and your partner will be the best gift you’ll ever give and receive!