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A Quick Word On Allergies

Did you know, that many people have dietary issues due to allergies? Many are not aware of their own food allergies and in how it affects serotonin and cortisol levels that are paralleled to weight gain. Unknowingly many face this issue of allergenic reactions that are within the food. As a friendly reminder here at Delgado Protocol INC, we urge our patients to test for their allergies (and food allergies) at our office. It is also known as the Antigen Leukocyte Cellular Antibody Test (ALCAT).

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(Video) How to Identify and Eliminate Food Sensitivities, And Feel Healthier Than Ever

[sharify] Did you know that food sensitivities are on the rise and you may be suffering with a multitude of mental, physical and emotional symptoms that are caused by unidentified food sensitivities? Overtime, you may have become so accustom to these symptoms, that you don’t even realize just how terrible you feel, and you won’t feel any better until you identify and eliminate the food/s that you’re sensitive to. Don’t settle for subpar health, read on to discover how to recognize, identify and eliminate food sensitivities, and prepare yourself to feel better than ever!