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Lovidia Lean & Fit Combo

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Lovidia® is the first dietary supplement based on the patented science of Gut Sensory Modulation (GSM). Lovidia® has been clinically proven to reduce hunger.
  • Feel satisfied with less food!
  • Go longer between meals without feeling hungry!
  • One or Two Tablets Daily Can Help You Control Hunger!

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How Does Lovidia Work?

Just as your tongue has taste receptors so does your intestinal tract or gut. While the taste receptors on your tongue tell you “what” you’re eating, the taste receptors in your gut tell you “when” you’ve had enough. Lovidia is designed to diminish hunger by stimulating taste receptors in the gut to release more GLP-1 and PYY than would be released by food alone. 


With over $20 million invested and 6 years in development, Lovidia has been clinically tested in over 1000 adults., LOVIDIA® is a patented dietary supplement developed by Ambra BioScience to support your body’s own healthy GLP-1 production. It is Vegan, Gluten-Free, non-caloric and non-GMO. It contains no eggs, dairy, wheat, soy, fish, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish, sulfites, caffeine, or artificial sweeteners.

Lovidia is a supplement – not a drug. Participants in clinical studies reported minimal side effects…similar to placebo.
 Lovidia uses natural ingredients to support the production of gut hormones GLP-1 and PYY which regulate appetite as well as glucose and energy metabolism. 
Lovidia is the perfect complement to any diet. The reason most people fail diets is because hunger wins out. Lovidia helps you control hunger.


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