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24 Hour Urine Analysis

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24 Hour Urine Analysis

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Steroid hormones in normal and pathophysiological states can be grouped into primary and secondary steroids. Primary steroids have recognized biological functions and include estradiol, testosterone, progesterone, cortisol and aldosterone. All of these are present in exceptionally low concentrations. This in turn presents significant obstacles to be overcome by the laboratory and is also one reason, amongst several others, that testing using saliva remains extremely controversial and not accepted by the vast majority of clinical scientists and physicians. Seconary hormones are those whose biological function is minor in comparison to the primary steroids and include estrone, estriol, and DHEA to name a few.

In any case, measurements of primary steroids either individually or in combination give little information on possible errors or imbalances in biosynthetic or catabolic pathways. Profiling affords a means of providing significant information on the metabolic pathways of steroid hormones and is an answer to some of the shortcomings associated with measurements of primary and/or secondary steroids only.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Advantage – 24 Hour Urine offers the most accurate measurement for hormone analysis. Because hormones are always in a state of flux, seeing the total levels throughout the day is an ideal form of analysis.

Disadvantage – Not all hormones can be seen through 24 Hour Urine analysis and may require blood testing.

Advantage – 24 Hour Urine can see hormones none of the other forms of testing can see.

Disadvantage – This is the most costly solution.

List of Hormones Tested For:


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