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Enhance Your Performance

You’re at the gym, going for one more set of bicep curls, but your muscles give out. You’re on a run, trying to beat your personal best time, when a sudden burst of fatigue leaves you seconds short. If you find yourself frustrated while working out, wondering why you can’t perform better, faster, stronger, maybe the problem isn’t lack of willpower. Maybe you just need an extra nutritional boost to get you over the finish line. Fortunately, the Delgado Protocol has an answer. With our array of powerful dietary supplements, including the iconic Power and Speed, we’ll help you achieve your fitness goals and feel fresh, energized, and alive.

A Natural Burst of Energy with Power and Speed

There’s a reason that the Delgado Protocol’s founder, Nick Delgado, used Power and Speed to help him set the world record for most weight lifted in one hour (over 56,000 lbs). It really works. In one fascinating evidence-based study, researchers used laser timers to measure the reaction time of MMA fighters punching a bag, and found that Power and Speed increased their speed by 30%. This supplement produces these incredible results through a proprietary blend of all-natural herbs and vitamins, including guarana seed extract, kudzu root, and American ginseng root extract.

One of Power and Speed’s healthiest qualities is its all-natural, crash-free progression. A cup of coffee will give you a nervous, jittery kind of energy that later results in a crash. Not so with Power and Speed, whose slow-building dose of energy leaves you feeling alert, awake, and ready for action. Give it a try, and learn why Power and Speed is the supplement of choice for elite athletes.

Achieve Your Ideal Weight with Lean and Fit

Sometimes, it’s not energy you need, but perseverance. It’s tough to meet your weight loss goals when the temptation of unhealthy eating keeps nagging at you. If that’s the case for you, try Lean and Fit, the Delgado Protocol’s solution for appetite suppression and healthy weight loss. With proven ingredients like kudzu root powder to increase metabolism and Caralluma Fimbrata, an edible cactus used by Native American tribes to suppress hunger, Lean and Fit will get your metabolism working for you, rather than the other way around. With the tools for healthy weight loss, your fitness goals will be that much more in reach.

The Delgado Protocol’s performance enhancement supplements help you feel confident and enhance your emotional outlook. A new, more confident you is just around the corner.

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