Blood Morphology Training

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Phase Contrast Microscope Setup & Online Training Package

By gaining your microscopy certification you can experience a number of benefits with your health practice or start a new venture. Most medical doctors who have purchased this set use it to incite more positive changes in their clients. Seeing their own blood on a screen and having it analyzed makes for a profound and personal experience not found with standard paper reports. This utility is powerful for the client, and also can add a lucrative asset to your practice.

Using videos, a manual, and also live Skype training, we will teach you to identify the following features in both live and dry blood:

Live Blood Features

Delayed Food Allergies Like Gluten Intolerance
Basophil, Neutrophil, Monocyte, Eosinophil Health
B12, Iron, Folic Acid, Deficiency
Liver Stress Spicules
Several Types of Bacteria
High Triglycerides and more…

Dry Blood Features

Free Radical Damage Markers
Intestinal Inflammation
Delayed Food Allergies Like Gluten Intolerance
Adrenal Fatigue
Heavy Metal Exposure
Peripheral Adhesion A Bioflavinoid Marker
Fibrin Mesh A Hormone Health Marker and more…

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  • Getting Started 0/3

    • Contact Us For Orientation & Shipment Information
    • Download & Review The PDF Reference Manual
    • After Your Scope Kit Has Arrived Contact Us To Schedule Your Live Training Sessions
  • Microscope Usage Video Training 0/4

    • Platform Adjustment
    • Iris Adjustment
    • Light & Focus
    • About Diagnosis
  • Live Blood Analysis Video Training 0/13

    • How To Stick A Finger
    • Collecting A Live Blood Sample
    • Oil Immersion
    • Tapping Out Slides
    • Rapid Cell Movement
    • Red Cell Character
    • Sticky Cells Due to Excess Fat in the Blood (High Triglycerides)
    • Microcytic Anemia
    • White Blood Cell Count
    • Eosinophils
    • Monocytes
    • Candida & Fungal Forms
    • Liver Spicules
  • Dry Blood Analysis Video Training 0/6

    • Collecting A Dry Blood Sample
    • Size Perspective
    • Heavy Metals
    • Free Radical Damage
    • Fibrin Mesh
    • Embryology
  • Your Certification 0/1

    • Contact Us For A Final Training Evaluation & Certification Approval
  • Additional Resources 0/3

    • Doc Nutrients Supplement Wholesale Registration
    • Microscope Expanded Video Information Archive
    • Frequently Asked Questions