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How to Turbo Charge Your Immunity and Prevent HPV and Cancer

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

Helping people with their journey to health, happiness and their goals in career, relationships and longevity.

HPV (human papillomavirus) is on the rise and many are naturally wondering why? Mainstream dogma recommends the same old big pharma fantasies; however, media-promoted vaccines are not the solution they are made out to be. A far safer and more effective solution for preventing HPV and the cancers that it causes is a healthy lifestyle and optimally functioning immune system. A turbo charged immune system will not only help to prevent HPV, it will also help to rapidly clear the virus from the body. This is beneficial because the quicker the HPV virus is flushed-out, the less chance it will have to cause cancer.

HPV Facts

HPV is the most common sexually transmitted Infection (STI) and almost every sexually active individual will contract it at some point in their lives.[i] There are more than 100 types of HPV and at least 13 of them are cancer-causing. HPV can cause cervical cancer in women, penile cancer in men, and anal, tonsil, and tongue cancer in both women and men.[ii] Approximately 42 of the total population currently have genital HPV, and Non-Hispanic black males and females have the highest risk for contracting it.[iii] When it comes to oral HPV, black males and Non-Hispanic white males have the highest risk for contracting it, and Non-Hispanic white women and Asian women have the lowest risk.[iv]

#1 Avoid the HPV Vaccine

The CDC recommends the HPV vaccine for pre-adolescent males and females. The vaccine can cause a multitude of adverse effects however, including: headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, insomnia, soar throat, muscular weakness or pain, and temporary loss of consciousness (to name a few).[v] The HPV vaccine is also associated with an increased risk for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (PODS), Guillain-Barre Syndrome, immune-based inflammatory neurodegenerative disorders, appendicitis, permanent disability, and even death.[vi] Its efficacy is also questionable – studies show unvaccinated girls have a lower incidence of HPV, and Merck’s own research shows a 44.6 increased risk for precancerous lesions in vaccinated women previously exposed to HPV strains.[vii]

#2 Take Antiviral Herbs

Herbs offer a safe, non-toxic and natural alternative to vaccinations, and far fewer side-effects. Echinacea, Astragalus root, licorice root, garlic bulb extract, lomatium, and grapefruit seed extract are a few examples of antiviral herbs that support and strengthen the immune system. Adrenal DMG contains all of the above herbs as well as bovine sourced adrenal cortex. The cortex helps to enhance adrenal gland health which is beneficial because the hormones released by the adrenals play an integral role in regulating your immune system.

#3 Use a Dental Dam

Although not as common as genital transmission, HPV can be contracted from oral sex and precautionary steps should be taken. The best way to reduce your risk for orally transmitted HPV is to use a dental dam during oral sex. Dental dams act as a barrier method and they are typically sold as a thin piece of latex rubber (if you are allergic to latex, silicone dams are available). Dams are recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Planned Parenthood, and they are a highly effective, safe, and affordable method for stopping the oral transmission of HPV.[viii]

#4 Use A Silver Rinse Before and After Oral Sex

Silver produces high antimicrobial effects at low concentrations, and it has been used for centuries both internally and externally to fight viruses, bacteria and other harmful microbes.[ix][x] Silver is highly effective at killing warts and using a mouthwash that contains silver nanoparticles before and after oral sex may help reduce the likelihood of spreading and contracting the HPV virus.

#6 Take Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms have been prized for thousands of years for their powerful medicinal properties.[xi] They contain all-natural immune system boosters called alpha and beta-glucans, and consuming them activates multiple immune effector cells, including lymphocytes, macrophages, and natural killer cells.[xii][xiii] Scientific studies have proven that medicinal mushrooms not only helps to improve the immune response to HPV, they also help to clear high-risk strains that are known to cause cervical cancer.[xiv] [xv] [xvi][xvii]

#7 Take DIM and I3C

DIM and I3C are natural compounds found in cruciferous vegetables, and clinical studies have confirmed that they have powerful immune-boosting and chemopreventive (cancer fighting) properties.[xviii] Studies on mice found that DIM helps inhibit the growth and proliferation of viruses, and also helps clear viruses out of the body.[xix] One study found that a 10 micromolar dose of DIM actually doubled the number of white blood cells, which help the body fight infections such as HPV by seeking out and destroying the virus.[xx]

*For a clinically effective dose of DIM:

#7 Consume a Wholefoods Based Diet

Consuming a plant-based, wholefoods diet will strengthen your immune system so that it can better prevent and clear the HPV virus. For optimal immunity, consume a high-fiber, oil-free diet and include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Omega-3 fatty acids are also beneficial and plant-based sources include: coconuts, walnuts, seeds, leafy greens, and sea vegetables. Also, be sure to consume probiotic-rich foods (e.g. yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kombucha, fermented veggies) regularly, because the beneficial bacteria in them help to support gut health and 80 of immunity starts in the gut.[xxi]

#8 Eliminate Animal Products

Studies have found that vegans have a lower HPV rate than non-vegans, and vegan women are more successful at eliminating the HPV virus within one year.[xxii] Animal products harm your immune system because they are loaded with bacteria, carcinogens (cancer causing substances), hormones and other toxins which build-up in your body when you consume them. Most conventionally farmed animal products also contain antibiotics, which kill-off the beneficial bacteria that are required for healthy immunity.[xxiii]

#9 Utilize Lifestyle Medicine

A healthy lifestyle is your best defense against HPV and the cancer that it causes. In addition to the above dietary recommendations, you should exercise regularly, and be sure to include strength building, cardiovascular, and stretching-based exercises. It’s also imperative that you reduce stress and you can do so by practicing yoga, meditating, deep breathing, journaling, spending time in nature, taking a hot bath, learning to say no, and managing your time wisely. Finally, establish a regular sleep schedule and go to bed as early as possible, in a cool, dark, quiet and electronic-free environment.

#10 Consider Protein Peptides and Organic CBD Hemp Oil

Protein peptides play an essential role in cellular growth, proliferation, and healing, and certain peptides can signal the body to activate its natural immune response. Peptide Pro is a prescription strength supplement that helps prevent and reduce infections such as HPV. You can further boost your immunity by taking organic CBD hemp oil CBD has powerful antiviral properties, and one study even found it can benefit girls who experience autonomic nervous system damage (Dysautonomic Syndrome) caused by the HPV vaccine.[xxiv]

*For more information on protein polypeptides and to learn about its therapeutic effects on cancer:

#11 Reduce Toxin Exposure

The toxins in the air and in many consumer products place a great burden on your eliminative organs, they hinder your immunity, and they increase your risk for infectious diseases such as HPV.[xxv] While some environmental toxins are unavoidable, the following are not, and they should be avoided as much as possible: alcohol, tobacco, processed sugar, oil, genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), packaged foods; recreational, over-the-counter, and prescription drugs; chemical cleaning products, and artificial fragrances.

***For more tips on how to optimize your immune system and reduce your risk for cancer and infectious diseases:

Contact Nick Delgado, PhD, ABAAHP, medical correspondent, contributor to Anti-Aging Therapeutics. A publication of the A4M. phone 1-949-720-1554
















[xvi] Bogdanova J. Coriolus versicolor – innovation in prevention of oncogynecological diseases, especially HPV. [In Bulgarian.) Akush Ginekol (Soliia). 2008;47 SuppI3:51-53.

[xvii] Silva Couto J, Pereira da Silva D. Coriolus versicolor supplementation as immunonutrition in HPV patients with cervical lesions. Clin J Mycol. July 2009;3(1):8.









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