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How to Live Longer: 4 Steps To Increase Longevity

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

Helping people with their journey to health, happiness and their goals in career, relationships and longevity.

I live in California near the coast for about one hour from Hollywood. I exercise at the beach with my feet in the cold ocean water at Newport Beach, California. I rinse with cold water at the end of my bath and keep my body so cool (under 69 degrees).
The oldest living animal in the world is Antarctic glass sponges, exceeding 15,000 years of living in a cold climate. Great pine trees reach 5,000 years of age. Lobsters may reach 500 years of age.
Cold Body Training Increases Strength & Longevity

The question you must ask is how can I exceed my best prior performances without even breaking a sweat! This concept of cold training will boost your strength and energy.

Cool methods to fight inflammation

However cool body training, even Ice labs (nitrogen freeze for 3 minutes) or rinsing in cold water at the end of your showers to reduce inflammation all will increase levels of intensity during training. Higher levels of training far beyond typical cardio session will improve muscle density and circulation.

Why Bioidentical Hormones?

The next challenge is to recover from hard workouts and aging, we require higher youthful levels of hormones. This is accomplished by restoring your hormones only with bio-identical hormones while improving metabolism with the selected herbal combinations, The herbs that made us famous in Estroblock are DIM, Indole 3 Carbinol and D-Glucolactone from cruciferous vegetables can help sustain levels of a 24-year-old and make you look and feel 10 or 15 years younger.

The ultimate rejuvenation of organs

We also must release stem cells to recover and repair worn-out cells and organs. There is an amazing combination of medicinal mushrooms and deer antler with blue-green algae that release from bone marrow millions of additional stem cells into your general circulation. These stem cells then seek sites of damage, repairing organs and tissues.

Core plant fiber diet & nitric oxide circulation enhancer

Add plant-based proteins with root vegetable green nutrient density to release nitric oxide. The added fibers increase the hydrogen release in the gut. These 4 simple steps will increase vitality, reduce your risk for chronic disease, take years off your appearance, and possibly increase your longevity. Read more about these effective steps to reverse aging as by as much as 20 years.

Power of the mind Goal to health & happiness

Zig Ziglar in his book See you at the Top once said “when you help enough other people get what they want you will achieve what you want.” My goal is to be the longest lived, healthiest, happiest person in history. In only 59 years, I will have exceeded the age of 124 in great health. I program my mind and habits everyday to achieve this goal.

Would you like to join me? See our online courses to be guided to your success: Live to be healthier, happier, and more successful for you and your family.