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How to Boost SHBG to Help Prevent Hormonal Acne

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

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Sex-hormone-binding-globulin, or SHBG, is a hormone that binds to and eliminates excess sex hormones from the body (including androgens, prolactin, and harmful estrogen metabolites). Low SHBG levels can lead to elevated prolactin levels and this is a dangerous combination that is associated with stubborn acne, breast cancer in women, chronic fatigue, a high viral load and susceptibility to colds, and coronavirus. Because SHBG binds to harmful estrogens, low SHBG levels can also lead to a troublesome hormonal disorder called estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance 

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Sex-hormone-binding-globulin, or SHBG, is a protein produced by the liver that transport 3 hormones as it binds to them to eliminate excess sex hormones from the body. These include androgens like DHT, Testosterone, harmful estrogen metabolites. Prolactin is like a growth hormone, which reduces when other estrogen metabolites are reduced or converted to safer forms. 

Low SHBG levels can lead to elevated prolactin levels and this is a dangerous combination that is associated with stubborn acne, breast cancer in women, chronic fatigue, a high viral load and susceptibility to colds, and coronavirus. 

Because SHBG binds to harmful estrogens, low SHBG levels can also lead to a troublesome hormonal disorder called estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance increases the risk for obesity and acne; erectile dysfunction, man boobs and prostate cancer in men; and breast and ovarian cancer in women.  

How SHBG Protects You From Colds and Flu

SHBG protects you from colds and flu by binding to excess prolactin, preventing prolactin levels from rising too high. This is helpful because high levels of prolactin increases pro-inflammatory immune responses and can lead to immune system dysfunctions. The immune dysfunctions that it can lead to, make you more  susceptible to the cold, flu and other infectious diseases.

How Low SHBG Causes Acne

Low SHBG is the main underlying cause of most acne cases. If we produce enough SHBG, it will attach to acne-causing androgens such as DHT and testosterone and prevent them from wreaking havoc on our skin. 

An excess of these androgens cause the sebaceous glands in the skin to overproduce oil and the extra oil clogs the pores and attracts bacteria. The white blood cells then shuffle in to attack the bacteria and this leads to inflamed pimples and pus

Acne Solutions that Don’t Work

Salicylic acid, Accutane, and laser therapy help control acne because they reduce oil in the skin, but they are band-aid solutions that fail to address the underlying cause – low SHBG levels. Birth control pills temporarily reduce acne by increasing SHBG, but they are harmful to the body and come with a slew of troublesome side-effects. The pill also leads to estrogen dominance, and when it is discontinued, acne typically returns and it is more severe. 

The Best Diet for Optimizing SHBG Levels 

A plant-based whole foods diet will help to increase SHBG levels and dramatically improve the quality of your skin. It’s important that you eliminate or vastly reduce your intake of fish, chicken, eggs, pork, and meat because they increase mTOR (look up my blogs about this dangerous enzyme that forces growth and acne). Animal products also increase inflammation in the body which makes acne swollen and red, plus they are loaded with harmful estrogens which further aggravate the skin. 

Replace animal proteins with plant-based protein such as beans, rice, potatoes, and yams. Try and consume 15 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. This will help nutrify your skin and the water and fiber will help flush out toxins and excess hormones. It will also accelerate weight loss, which is beneficial because excess body weight lowers SHBG. In order to meet the 15 recommended servings a day, try consuming vegetable casseroles made in a crockpot with several spices, as well as large soups and salads with dairy-free dressings.

Finally, consume a low-fat diet and avoid all oils (olive oil, coconut, butter etc). This will further increase SHBG levels, reduce prolactin and decrease oil production in the skin. You can use water in place of oil in many recipes including hummus and stir fries. Get a copy of Simply Healthy Cookbook for dozens of healthy, wholefood, plant-based recipes from around the world that are both delicious and satisfying (if you prefer ebooks over paperbacks, you can get it here). If you follow this dietary advice you will notice a reduction in acne within just 30 days. 

DIM – The Hormone Balancing Superstar

Nature has provided us with a potent natural solution for people who have high androgens, estrogens or prolactin levels and are experiencing acne, man boobs, or compromised immunity as a result. This solution is called diindolylmethane, or DIM and it is found naturally in cruciferous vegetables. DIM increases the production of SHBG, detoxifies harmful chemicals, shifts bad estrogens into healthy estrogens, and reduces excess hormones. In order to get clinically effective doses of DIM, take the internationally acclaimed nutraceutical EstroBlock – each serving provides doses of DIM that are equivalent to consuming 10 lbs of cruciferous vegetables.

We Want To Help You Get Beautiful Skin

In order to target all the underlying causes of acne and help optimize hormonal balance, immunity and vitality I have created the Annihilate Acne Pack, which includes Estroblock, DHT Block and Liv D-Tox. 

I also created a free Hormonal Acne Quiz and co-authored a book Acne Be Gone For Good with Dr Sonia Bansal MD, Board Certified Dermatologist. This book outlines all the possible causes of acne, and shows you how to get clear, glowing skin for life. And my offerings don’t stop there. I worked in the lab with leading skincare experts to create Annihilate Acne Cream which you can apply to troubled areas to reduce inflammation and hasten healing. Unlike most acne products, this formula is safe, non-toxic, gentle, and effective.

In order to make and stick with the lifestyle modifications required for clear skin and a healthy body, you need to have the power of the mind on your side. One of the most effective ways to reprogram your mind for success is with neuro reprogramming. With this in mind, I created the Online Course – Fat Loss and Fitness which educates you on the exact steps you need to take to optimize health and fitness and utilizes neuro reprogramming to ensure you achieve it.

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