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Hormonal Acne

Treat Acne Naturally

We all know the traditional story about acne. As we grow into puberty, those so-called “teenage hormones” kick in, causing our skin to break out in unsightly pimples and rashes for a few awkward years. But this simple story doesn’t tell the whole truth. Some of us never stop getting acne, and those “teenage hormones” aren’t just a fact of life. They can be managed to reduce or eliminate acne outbreaks altogether. The Delgado Protocol offers a one-two punch to fight acne; our Acne Cleanse cream soothes the skin to treat existing outbreaks, while our Estro Block supplement gets your hormones balanced so you don’t have to worry about outbreaks in the first place.

Cleanse Toxic Estrogens with Estro Block

Without resolving the underlying hormonal issues, acne outbreaks will continue to flare up. So we recommend that you pair Estro Block and Acne Cleanse for maximum effectiveness. Estrogen is one of our body’s most important hormones. Though widely known as the female reproductive hormone, estrogen is present in both sexes, regulating functions such as bone formation and blood clotting. Unfortunately, thanks to the onset of industrial manufacturing, our environments are filled with artificial, toxic estrogens that interfere with our body’s normal functions. Cleanse these unhealthy estrogens and restore natural estrogen production with Estro Block. You’ll notice a dramatic improvement in your complexion and a drastic decrease in mood swings.

Get Clear Skin with Acne Cleanse

This powerful product is great for teens, plus men and women of any age. It contains only all-natural ingredients that combat scaly, itchy, or inflamed skin, helping to restore clarity and a healthy glow to areas affected by acne. Acne Cleanse’s key ingredient is salicylic acid, an exfoliant that encourages dead skin cells to shed, treating whiteheads, blackheads, and oily skin.

The cream also contains progesterone, a key hormone that helps manage mood swings, hot flashes, PCOS, and insomnia. Acne Cleanse should be applied five to six days a week. With a little perseverance, you’ll see those acne outbreaks fade, replaced by clear, healthy skin.

Acne is not a fact of life; it is a condition that can be managed and treated like any other. The Delgado Protocol’s anti-acne regimen combines Acne Cleanse and Estro Block into an unstoppable force that will help rid you of acne once and for all.

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