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Female Sexuality- Lack of Libido and Vaginal Dryness

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

Helping people with their journey to health, happiness and their goals in career, relationships and longevity.

[sharify] The two biggest issues that women complain of that I see are number one, lack of desire, hypoactive sexual desire, and number two, vaginal dryness. The good news is that both of these are relatively easy to treat. They're incredibly common, but they're easy to treat.

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Female Sexuality- Lack of Libido and Vaginal Dryness

Female Sexual Issues is Incredibly Common and Here Are The Solutions For You-

Dr. Terry Grossman

Lack of Desire & Vaginal Dryness

The two biggest issues that women complain of that I see are number one, lack of desire, hypoactive sexual desire, and number two, vaginal dryness. The good news is that both of these are relatively easy to treat. They’re incredibly common, but they’re easy to treat.

Women Need Testosterone to Restore Sexual Desire

In terms of low desire, most women have a testosterone level and testosterone is the quintessential hormone for creating sexual desire, and women typically run levels of about 5 of a man. So where a man may have a normal testosterone level of 500 or 800 or 1000, a woman will typically run in the 20s or 30s or 40s. And while these are normal levels, I’m not sure they’re optimal levels.

Optimal Testosterone Levels for Men and Women

In our practice, the philosophy that we have is good is not good enough, so having a good level of testosterone for either men or women is not necessarily optimal. We would like optimal levels, so we’ll typically use — we’ll measure a woman’s testosterone level and it’s our goal to create numbers that are a bit higher than the typical or average level. We don’t want to drive a woman into the very, very high, unhealthy ranges, but we’ll typically use things. There are many ways to take testosterone as a supplement, to raise the levels to healthy levels.

Testosterone Cream

One of the most common ways is topical cream. This is actually one of my least favorite methods because I find that when you apply testosterone to the skin, there are enzymes in the skin, different aromatases, the main one that tends to change it into estradiol, which is not what I’m looking to do. I like to leave it just as testosterone per se, so my preference is to get it under the skin.

Tiny Needle to Inject Testosterone

So one method is with a little tiny diabetic syringe needle, inject it into the side of the leg. A woman typically needs to do this only once a week or once every two weeks and this will cause the testosterone levels to stay in the healthful optimal range for that period of time and I would say most of the women in my practice will do the testosterone injections, and then we have two other options.

Insert Testosterone Pellet Under The Skin Provides Optimal Level for 4 Months

One are the testosterone pellets and the advantage of the pellet is for a woman, testosterone pellet is only about the size of a grain of rice and all we have to do is put a little bit of numbing medicine in the hip. We have a special instrument to put the pellet under the skin. We leave it there. No stitches are required. We just put a band aid over it, minimal pain. Women can go home and do whatever she wants and she will have optimal testosterone levels typically for three and a half to four and a half months, average four months, so many women opt for the testosterone pellets, which seem to be very convenient. And for women who also need estrogen, we can put in both testosterone and estradiol pellets at the same time and optimize both of these hormones very, very simply.

Sublingual Under-The-Tongue Testosterone Tablet

The third method that we started to use more recently is a sublingual tablet. This is a testosterone that goes under the tongue. It’s dissolved in a minute or so. The downside to that, it needs to be done twice a day, but the upside to that is the levels tend to stay extremely constant because you’re doing it every 12 hours. The testosterone levels just seem to stay at a very even keel throughout and more and more women are opting for these testosterone pellets.

Affordable & Safe

All of these therapies are relatively inexpensive. They can be quite safe. Obviously, a woman wants to do the standard pap and pelvic exams and mammograms just to make sure that all of the other parameters are being kept healthy, but women often not only experience increases in sex drive.

That’s actually one of the least things that’s beneficial when a woman takes testosterone. In addition, women notice improvement in mood, the ability to connect directly. Memory is better. Sleep is better. They just feel younger. Testosterone has beneficial effects on the bones, so where we think about all of these things that we can use in the way of drugs to prevent osteoporosis, so many of these have side effects and toxicities. I think the testosterone can be very beneficial for that. So many beneficial effects are who optimizes their testosterone levels.

Vaginal Dryness Will Be Resolved By Estrogen Cream

The second most common problem that I see in my practice is as a woman gets older, because of the lack of estrogen stimulation, she develops vaginal dryness. This can make itching. It can make intercourse painful and difficult and it’s very simple to treat with a specific type of estrogen known as estriol. Estriol, for better or worse, is not FDA-approved. Only estradiol is approved, but estriol, it’s a slightly different formulation. It’s not absorbed when it’s applied intravaginally. It provides growth of the tissues in the vagina so that lubrication occurs more naturally. A woman only needs to use it maybe two or three times a week at most, sometimes after they’ve been using it a while, just once a week and these symptoms will typically go away, and most holistic health practitioners will be happy to write a prescription for estriol vaginal cream and solve this problem.

Estriol Cream as Testosterone Replacement

So I think with the combination of estriol cream and some form of testosterone replacement, whether it’s injections once a week or once every two weeks, pellets once every four months, or the sublingual tablets twice a day, I think women can appreciate the advantages of youthful and healthy testosterone levels. And with the use of the safe estriol vaginal cream, they can experience the benefits of not having to experience the dryness that is so common as women get older.

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