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Does Chocolate Really Cause Acne: The Truth Finally Revealed

Dr. Nick Delgado

Dr. Nick Delgado

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We all love the taste of chocolate but it has long been associated with acne and many acne sufferers avoid it as a result. Is there truth to this association, or is it a mere myth? 

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We all love the taste of chocolate but it has long been associated with acne and many acne sufferers avoid it as a result. Is there truth to this association, or is it a mere myth? 

Let’s dig into the facts:

Chocolate is made from cacao, a bean that is high in fiber and antioxidants – both of which help promote healthy skin. Studies have also found consuming dark chocolate with a high cacao percentage, helps reduce stress, and stress is a major acne trigger. These qualities make chocolate potentially healthful for your skin. But before you go bingeing on chocolate this Valentine’s day, listen-up – 90% of the chocolate on the market today contains very little cacao, and consequently, little-to-no fiber and antioxidants.

What most chocolate treats do contain is fat, and a whole lot of it! Many contain artificial fats, vegetable oils and cholesterol from eggs. Although the higher quality chocolate bars contain natural fat from cocoa butter, this is still problematic for your skin. Consuming too much fat, regardless of the source causes an overproduction of sebum. Sebum clogs the pores and causes oily skin – both of which worsen acne. 

Many chocolate products also contain industrial man-made fructose, and chemical preservatives – which increase your toxic load.

What really makes chocolate problematic for acne sufferers, however, is the dairy and sugar that most commercially available chocolate products are loaded with. Dairy worsens acne in three ways. Firstly it increases inflammation in the body leading to red and swollen lesions. Secondly, it is loaded with harmful estrogens which are a major culprit of hormonal acne. And thirdly, the excess estrogens in dairy burden your liver, which is your major detoxification organ. When your liver becomes overwhelmed and can’t keep up, toxins are eliminated through the skin – which can worsen acne and lead to a wide array of other inflammatory skin disorders. 

Sugar is another highly inflammatory ingredient in chocolate that is known to worsen acne. Sugar causes oxidative stress in your body and the breakdown of collagen, a protein that is required for skin health. Perhaps worse of all, sugar leads to blood sugar imbalances, and the hormones that come along with these imbalances stimulate oil production and clog the pores. 


If you’re prone to breakouts it’s best to avoid milk chocolate and cheap chocolates which are typically loaded with dairy, sugar and artificial ingredients. Instead, look for dark chocolate with at least 70% cacao; that is free of dairy and sweetened with stevia or natural fruit. This type of chocolate will contain beneficial antioxidants, and is unlikely to trigger acne when consumed in moderation.

If you suffer with acne it may sometimes seem like you’re walking on eggshells and one dietary or topical infraction can lead to serious skin ramifications. You shouldn’t have to live like that, and once you address the root cause of your acne, you will be set free from the prison. 

Most acne is caused by either hormonal imbalances, a weakened liver, or a combination of both. The Annihilate Acne Pack contains 3 clinical strength nutraceutical supplements that abolish acne from the inside-out. When taken together, they balance out estrogen, testosterone and DHT, which are the three hormones most responsible for acne. The Acne Pack also contains Liv-D-Tox, which supports the liver in regeneration, so that it can do its job of detoxification and your skin no longer has to. The result? Clear, healthy skin for life and guilt-free Valentines day chocolate feasts!