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At the age of 23, Nick Delgado suffered a frightening transient ischemic attack (a mini stroke) that changed the course of his life forever. Subsequently, Nick devoted himself to becoming healthier, a fitness role model that would lead others to great health.

As a student, Nick was assigned to follow doctors in their hospital rounds. He was stunned by the large number of patients suffering from crippling joint diseases or affected by obesity and dying from strokes, degenerative heart diseases, diabetes and cancer.

Nick had swollen painful boils and pimples on his nose and checks as a teenager. Since he also struggled with obesity and high blood pressure, he decided to put his own theorems to practice on his first patient… himself ! After just 5 months, he reduced his body fat by 55 pounds and lowered his blood pressure from 200/90 to 110/70. This allowed him the freedom to discontinue his blood pressure medications.

Nick Delgado graduated from the University of Southern California, with studies at Rancho Los Amigo Hospital, USC, Loma Linda University, California State Long Beach and Los Angeles as well as continued research with interventional endocrinology, hematology and physiology. He served as Director of the Pritikin Better Health Program of the Nathan Pritikin Longevity Center. Ongoing studies of participants in the Pritikin Plan were being monitored by Dr Massey of the Loma Linda School of Public Health. This plan was the motivation for current greats in Lifestyle Medicine including Michael Greger MD, Dean Ornish MD, and Michael Klaper MD.

Nick teamed with health experts and searched for consistent correlations with aging and symptomatic indications. He discovered new answers to age-old problems. During this period, he collaborated with many acclaimed physicians, including Denis Burkitt, M.D., Ernest Wynder, M.D., Arnold Fox, M.D., Thierry Hertoghe MD, Ron Klatz MD, Ron Rothenberg MD., and Joseph Maroon MD.

Nick Delgado wrote his thesis on a comprehensive study of 693 people, which he conducted as part of a wellness program provided through seminars of world-renown motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins with Mastery University. Nick has been presenting the concepts of the Delgado Protocol to audiences worldwide. During the past 30 years he has educated over 100,000 people on topics such as Eyes open relaxation of the unconscious mind, aging, wellness, sexual health, using cellular hematology, oxidative stress analysis, carotid artery scans, blood lipids testing and biochemical hormone. Dr Nick has been a keynote speaker in Japan, Malaysia, Toronto, Canada and was awarded “Best Speaker” at the International Anti-Aging Congress in South Africa.

Nick Delgado is a major contributing author to Anti-Aging Clinical Protocols published by A4M. He is a contributor to scientifically reviewed abstracts and articles. His research included the study of how to have a powerful immune system, healthy skin and joints, with research on hormones, herbs, and lifestyle therapies. His work confirms the regeneration of cartilage, ligament and various joint injuries with advanced protocols. Dr Delgado explains how intense exercise done properly under cool conditions with hydration and supplementation can improve joint functions, rather than cause wear and tear. Nick is the author of “Annihilate Acne Naturally” and he is working on his soon to be released book on Estrogen Dominance, the modern day epidemic.

He is the holder of two World Strength Endurance record lifting 50,640 lbs. in one hour. You can see him performing this amazing feat of strength at youtube.com. Nick Delgado is also one of three members of Team USA which placed first in the 2007 in World Endurance Lifting Championship in London. Nick has done 1038 curls with 50 lbs. curl bar in one hour. Dr Delgado is currently training to break the World Record for aging (114 for men), now 61 years young, where he made an appearance at the Arnold Classic with Team USA, winning against all challengers.

Nick Delgado is an inspiration to those athletes who think their career ends at age 40. As one of the world’s primary experts on anti-aging, lifestyle medicine and immortality Dr. Nick has lectured physicians and healthcare professionals at conferences at over 50 major conventions with nonprofit education serving over 22,000 doctors www.worldhealth.net.

Nick Delgado studied the science of motivation and its effect on human behavior, including psychological studies in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and guided imagery. He is also a certified Time Line Therapist and Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT). Dr. Tad James, the founder of Time Line Therapy training, taught Nick the NLP techniques and advanced goal setting strategies. Dr Nick has learned Pranic Healing from Daniel O’Hara, the healer for NFL Football superstar, Ricky Williams.