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After 18 years of practicing Illness Medicine he realized that he was not making a difference in the patients’ quality of life. In 1997, he entered the field of Anti Aging Medicine (Interventional Endocrinology) and slowly ascended within the ranks of the main organization (A4M). During his participation he became concerned about the credibility of the content of presentations and became instrumental in enhancing the quality and scientific basis of the education.
This led to his invitations to lecture around the world on a number of his favorite topics; The truth about Growth Hormone, Diagnosing Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency, Low Testosterone Syndrome, Cholesterol the Father of all Hormones, and most importantly; the Traumatic Brain Injury-Hormone Dysfunction Syndrome (TBI-HDS).
This last topic led Dr. Gordon to working on ESPN Outside The Lines in January 2007, where he presented noted sports figures who had a history of multiple head traumas leading to hormonal deficiency.

Originally trained in Family Medicine through Rush Presbyterian St. Lukes Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Mark L. Gordon graduated with honors and with the highest residency award for his level of skills and personal commitment to the patients and staff. In his progression into Interventional Endocrinology, Dr. Gordon continues with this same commitment and enthusiasm that has now provided services to over 12,000 patients in 9 countries and 14 other states.
He lectures nationally and internationally sharing his clinical experience in a straight-forward manner that allows other physicians to tap into his personal database to enhance the optimal treatment of their patients.

The Millennium Health Centers, Inc. is known as a leader in the field of Interventional Endocrinology ( Hormone Replenishment Therapies ). Our strength is based upon the science and those within and without our offices that provide Clinical-based medicine (not only Evidence-based medicine). ¥
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