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Dr Dave Woynarowski, Anti Aging Doctor On Supplements And Telomeres

Dr Dave Woynarowski is trained and board certified in Internal Medicine and Anti-Aging medicine. He spent his first 18 years in typical allopathic practice prescribing drugs and following the typical guidelines of traditional medicine to a tee. Then he realized that while well intentioned his training and the medical system in general was too paternal and inherently flawed in its quest to fix specific problems using the only tool allowed: prescription drugs.

He realized an entire world of self empowered medicine using lifestyle nutrition and supplements was being overlooked and underutilized. So in 2002 he formed Dr Dave’s Best and began creating his own supplement line to improve human performance health and longevity. He is one of main reasons fish oil is the most popular supplement on the planet today and his writings and teachings have been used by others to spread the word about Omega 3’s.
The frequency with which Dr Dave found parts of his writings being used with no acknowledgment of the source led to his company motto “Others will copy but none compare!”

His journey ultimately led to his collaboration with 2 other anti-aging experts Greta Blackburn and Michael Fossel MD and culminated in the writing of The Immortality Edge the only book to utilize the emerging science of telomere biology to extend health span and ultimately life span.
Dr Dave has been the “go to” guy for advice on how people can use supplements and lifestyle modifications to reap the rewards of this new science and is one of the few licensed distributors of the only safe telomerase activator on the planet safe TA-65.

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