Coronavirus: Stop Panicking and Boost Your Immune System

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide, as of April 7th is 1.4 million and the global death toll is 81,000. We need to stop panicking and keep this in perspective – according to the CDC, the 2019-2020 seasonal influenza caused over 29 million illnesses worldwide and 16,000 deaths in the US alone. And demographics of the most serious and fatal COVID-19 cases from around the world show they all have similar profiles – these patients are primarily over 65 with underlying diseases and immune dysfunctions. While there are some cases of younger adults who appeared healthy but have ended up in the hospital from COVID-19, this is not a random occurrence – it is indicative of an underlying immune system dysfunction.

Your Best Defense Against the Coronavirus

You are not helpless against the coronavirus. Whether or not you get infected and critically ill is not a matter of fate – established research shows us immune dysfunction plays a central role in this process. Imbalances and dysfunctions of the immune system place you at a much greater risk for severe infections and the best way to protect yourself from COVID-19, seasonal influenza and all other infectious diseases, is to maintain a strong and healthy immune system. Our natural killer (NK) cells, T cells and B cells are the pillars of the immune system and our first line of defense against new viral invaders. Unfortunately for the elderly, these vital immune cells naturally decline with age – this is why the elderly and sick are at a much higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19. 

Arm Yourself Against Seasonal and Novel Viral Infections

The best thing you can do to support an optimally functioning immune system and the production of NK cells, T cells and B cells, is to adopt healthy living strategies. The most effective diet for bolstering immunity is a wholefoods, oil-free, plant-based diet rich in fruits and vegetables. You also need to exercise regularly, avoid smoking, drink alcohol in moderation or not at all, maintain a healthy body weight, get enough sleep, and reduce stress. Taking precautions to arm yourself against the virus is helpful, but buying into all the fear and panic is not – it activates the fight or flight response which reduces the immune systems ability to fight off infectious diseases.  Finally, wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds and avoid touching your face – this will help reduce your exposure to viruses and thus lower the workload of your immune system. 

Give Your Immune System the Best Shot

The lifestyle recommendations above will help to support your immune system but there is a safe and highly effective therapy that can bolster it further, and it has been found to restore health within just 4 days in critically ill COVID-19 patients. The novel therapy that can repair the immune system, reduce inflammation and heal damaged tissue is stem cell therapy. Stem cells are the primary repair system of the body and they are required for the production of vital immune system cells that are crucial for fighting infections and other diseases. In fact, stem cells produce approximately 10 billion new white blood cells (immune cells including T cells, B cells and NK cells) every single day. Several types of stem cells also act to suppress the activities of infected viruses and viral DNA. 

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