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Some people have that supernatural ability not to get sick. The rest of us have to manage however we can, taking medicines and researching home remedies when we come down with that inevitable cold or flu. But what if there were a way to boost your body’s natural defenses through better nutrition? That’s the Delgado Protocol’s philosophy. Our supplements give your immune system the support it needs, fighting off infections before they start. Products like Adrenal DMG work as a preventative measure, or as medicine if you do feel yourself getting sick. Banish those illnesses and fortify your body with help from the Delgado Protocol.

Support Your Adrenal Glands with Adrenal DMG

When we start to feel sick, a lot of us reach for the same remedy: those Vitamin C packets, mixed in with water or tea. But Vitamin C is only one essential nutrient, and those packets contain a fair amount of sugars too. With Adrenal DMG, you’ll receive the full spectrum of plant-based nutrients that you need to stay healthy.

This specialized supplement targets the adrenal glands, which produce the famous hormone adrenaline that plays a key role in your fight-or-flight response. If you’re experiencing elevated levels of stress, your adrenal glands are likely overworked, and Adrenal DMG takes some of that stress off. Also, are you dependent on your morning coffee to feel functional for the day? That fatigue you feel may stem from adrenal issues. Help your adrenals recover to restore a healthy biochemistry so you can wake up feeling fresh and energized.

Boost Liver Function with Liv D-Tox

The liver is the body’s filter, cleansing your blood, synthesizing proteins, and producing chemicals necessary for digestion. A poorly functioning liver means an increased vulnerability to sickness. The liver also has a hard time eliminating toxic estrogens, which are industrial chemicals that mimic the functions of estrogen in the human body. Give your liver the support it needs with Liv D-Tox.

Cleansing your system of toxic estrogens has many benefits, including:

  • Prevention of acne breakouts
  • Weight loss
  • Improvement in mood and overall energy

Delgado Protocol products are vegan, gluten-free, and all-natural, ensuring that your body gets the nutrition it needs to prevent illness. If your immune system needs a boost, give Adrenal DMG and Liv D-Tox a try, along with our other powerful supplements. Reap the benefits of good health and a positive outlook.

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