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Life is too short to live unhealthy. So many of us sacrifice our health in favor of career success, risk-taking, etc, or we simply neglect our health, promising ourselves “I’ll get in shape later.” But that’s not how it works. If you want to be healthy, you should start being healthy now. Fortunately, Dr. Nick Delgado has a specific, actionable plan for you to get healthy. He has spent his life studying nutrition and fitness, developing lifestyle programs that will help you look and feel like your best self.

Bronze $7

Good health begins with good research. Dr. Delgado has prepared a comprehensive collection of resources that will educate you on the importance of hormones in regulating your body, and the right nutrients to encourage a healthy hormonal balance. The Bronze Package includes several of Dr. Delgado’s E-Books, the Simply Healthy Cookbook, and a discount on Delgado products, so you can determine which ones work best for you.


  • Simply Healthy Cookbook
  • Grow Young & Slim E-Book
  • Stay Young E-Book
  • Hormone, Diet, Exercise & Sleep Self Evaluation Survey
  • The Delgado Protocol Newsletter

Silver $47

If you upgrade to the Silver Package, you’ll receive all the Bronze Package items, plus additional resources. Dr. Delgado offers an extensive audio and video library to continue your nutritional education. Wondering if you have a hormonal imbalance? Try our blood or urine analysis, which can detect increased levels of artificial toxic estrogens and more. Finally, enjoy free access to Dr. Delgado’s special events.


  • Bronze Package items
  • Dry Oxidative Stress Test (We ship you a kit, you send us back a dry blood sample. We’ll send you back the results)
  • Nitric Oxide Saliva Strip Test
  • Audio and Video Library
  • FREE Special Web Event Access

Gold $297

In addition to all the Bronze and Silver Package items, the Gold Package includes two 45-minute personal health consultations with an experienced Health Consultant, where you can discuss your individual goals. Dr. Delgado is a certified NLP, Timeline, Hypnotherapy and Deep Trance Phenomena Expert. This package includes the audio for his specialized NLP accomplish health goal programs. Your discount on Delgado products also increases to 15% and includes free shipping.


  • Bronze and Silver Package items
  • 10 Hormones Saliva Test (Sample sent directly to lab – Results in 2 weeks)
  • Two 45 Consults to Zero in on Your Health Goals
  • LFC Hypnosis Script Audio
  • Select Videos for Members Only
  • 15% Discount and Free Shipping

$333/monthly or one-time payment of $3,997

At this ultimate stage in the program, Dr. Delgado offers personalized, one-on-one advice to help you achieve your health goals. You’ll receive two one-hour personal health sessions with live blood analysis, where Dr. Delgado will show you the functioning of your blood in real time. Dr. Delgado will also prepare a customized supplement program and meal plan. Platinum Package members can take the fullest advantage of Dr. Delgado’s lifetime of nutrition expertise.
Sign up for Dr. Delgado’s health and fitness programs, and take the first step in transforming your health for the better.


  • Bronze, Silver and Gold Package items
  • Monthly Dry Blood Analysis
  • One Personal Session With Dr. Nick
  • Unlimited Follow-Up for 1 Year (Chat and FB Group)
  • Personalized Supplement Program
  • Personalized Meal Plan
  • 12 Month Support Program

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