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Hair Loss

Everything You Need to Know About Low Level Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

[sharify] There are many different treatments available for hair loss, unfortunately many of them are not clinically proven and they simply don’t work. And the ones that do, are costly and tend to produce a myriad of negative side-effects. If you are a hair loss sufferer (and most Americans over the age of 50 are), don’t despair! There is a highly effective therapy called low level laser therapy (LLLT), that both...

How to Prevent and Reverse Baldness, Simply, Safely, and Naturally

[sharify] A full head of hair is a symbol of youth and vitality, and when it starts receding, thinning, or falling out, it can markedly effect appearance and self-esteem. A whopping 40% of men have noticeable hair loss by 35, and 80% of men have pronounced hair loss by age 80. Woman suffer with hair loss as well, and 80% of women will have obvious hair loss by age 60.  Many...