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The Coronavirus? Here’s immediate simple steps You can take that will surprise You

Fear over the coronavirus continues to climb – but it’s primarily fueled by misinformation and sensationalization. People are being led to believe that the coronavirus is extremely dangerous and deadly. It’s ironic that just a few days ago the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Director-General Dr. Tedros stated: “Most people will have mild disease and get better without needing any special care.” And now the WHO has released a fear-mongering death rate estimate of 3.4 percent; this estimate is quite implausible, if not wildly inaccurate. 


3 Lifestyle Modifications that Will Defend You Against the Coronavirus

Despite its epidemic status – your risk of contracting the coronavirus is largely in your hands. I’ve already shared with you precautionary steps you should take and 3 ways to boost your natural defenses to become immune to the virus. And now I’d like to share 3 easy and free lifestyle modifications that will make you far less susceptible to succumbing to the virus. 

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How to Prevent Chronic Disease

How to Prevent Chronic Disease A whopping of adults over 65, have at least one chronic health condition. The good news is that chronic diseases are primarily caused by lifestyle factors, so whether or not you suffer with one is largely in your control. Below is a comprehensive guide for preventing chronic disease, enhancing longevity,…


5 Shocking Facts About Vaccines That Big Pharma Pays Billions to Keep Concealed

Ask most any natural health specialist and they’ll tell you that the safety of vaccinations is highly questionable. Unfortunately, most of the general public is unaware of the dangers of vaccines because big pharma accounts for approximately 40 of all advertising dollars, which gives them unreined power to censor the media. Big pharma also spends…

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[Video] The Truth Behind Vaccinations Revealed


The whole vaccination issue is fueled by big pharma, propaganda, and an ever influencing state. America has the highest schedule of vaccinations and spends more on healthcare then anywhere else in the entire world, and yet we are the sickest nation. The chemicals in vaccines, our food, the water…they’re all contributing to our nations ever-declining health. Mandatory vaccinations dictated by the government, means a loss of a mother’s right to choose what is best for her own child. And when you dig a little deeper and do your own research, it becomes clear that vaccine mandating, is a matter of business and profitability – and not a matter of public health.

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The Scary Link Between Vaccinations, Infant Death, Autism, Ovarian Cancer and Allergies

America currently has the highest vaccination schedule of anywhere in the world and it’s no coincidence that we also have skyrocketing rates of neurological disorders (ADD, ADHD, autism, epilepsy etc.) and autoimmune diseases (allergies, IBS, diabetes, lupus etc.). Vaccines are loaded with chemicals, heavy metals, preservatives and other toxic additives and since they are injected intramuscularly, they bypass the body’s natural filters. This causes the toxins to get lodged directly into our organs, where they can lead to a multitude of different health disorders. Below is pertinent information on how vaccinations effect our infants, and contribute to autism, allergies and other diseases; as well as insight on one of the most useless vaccinations created to-date.