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Cancer Causes and Prevention

A whopping 41{26cc0ed11e2bb6722aeee461b889fb0a3f7e0a26d72d2ac41cff8364d94a8d9c} of Americans will develop cancer at some point in their lifetime and 21{26cc0ed11e2bb6722aeee461b889fb0a3f7e0a26d72d2ac41cff8364d94a8d9c} will die from it! Fortunately, cancer is caused primarily by lifestyle factors and in most cases, it is completely preventable. Read-on to learn the top 4 causes of cancer,...

6 Simple Techniques for Abolishing Cancer and Chronic Disease

[sharify] Chronic disease may just be the worst epidemic in the history of mankind. Here are some cold hard facts: Chronic disease is the leading cause of death and disability. The majority of Americans have at least one chronic disease. A whopping 75{26cc0ed11e2bb6722aeee461b889fb0a3f7e0a26d72d2ac41cff8364d94a8d9c} of...

Marijuana and Other Natural Remedies for Cancer

[sharify] As it stands today, a whopping 40{26cc0ed11e2bb6722aeee461b889fb0a3f7e0a26d72d2ac41cff8364d94a8d9c} of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives, and close to 2 million Americans are diagnosed every year! The traditional treatment for cancer usually consists of a combination of chemo, radiation, drugs,...

Mammography VS. Thermography

[sharify] The key to breast cancer survival is early detection; if discovered in its earliest stages, it has a whopping 95{26cc0ed11e2bb6722aeee461b889fb0a3f7e0a26d72d2ac41cff8364d94a8d9c} cure rate. There are a number of different breast cancer screening tests used to catch it before it becomes fatal. Mammography is the most popular,...

Your Complete Guide for Immune support, Longevity and Fighting Microbes, Parasites, Candida, Lyme disease and Cancer: By Nick Delgado, CHT, PhD, ABAAHP, Minister

[sharify] Your success in living a longer, higher quality life depends on your willingness to integrate the following 5 key principles for health and longevity:

  1. A plant-based protein diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Stress management
  4. Supplements personalized for you based on a hormone & metabolic assessment
  5. Love and connection


The Scary Link Between Vaccinations, Infant Death, Autism, Ovarian Cancer and Allergies

[sharify] America currently has the highest vaccination schedule of anywhere in the world and it’s no coincidence that we also have skyrocketing rates of neurological disorders (ADD, ADHD, autism, epilepsy etc.) and autoimmune diseases (allergies, IBS, diabetes, lupus etc.). Vaccines are loaded with chemicals, heavy metals,...