Author: Nick Delgado

Acne Acne and Skin Conditions Diet

The Hidden Cause of Your Stubborn Acne and How to Abolish It

Estrogen dominance has reached epidemic proportions in America, it’s rarely diagnosed and it affects both men and women alike. It can trigger stubborn acne and cause a myriad of sexual, physical, mental and emotional consequences. Fortunately, there are lifestyle modifications and clinically proven supplements available that can help you reverse estrogen dominance and the acne and other symptoms that it causes. Before revealing what these modifications and supplements are, let’s first explore estrogen dominance a bit further.

Acne Acne and Skin Conditions Diet

This Common Hormone Imbalance Causes Acne, Weight Gain and Other Nasty Symptoms in Men

Thanks to the Western diet and lifestyle, a surplus of estrogen has become one of the most common hormone imbalances in men. It’s important to identify and address this imbalance because it can seriously sabotage your health, cause stubborn acne and weight gain, and lead to a myriad of sexual, physical, mental and emotional consequences!

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Power Of Mind

I firmly believe after 65 years of living on this planet, that the Power of the Mind is the #1 most important factor as to whether or not you will achieve your health, career, weight, love and happiness goals. I want you to be able to use the power of your own mind in order to achieve all of your hearts desires this year, and I have a special New Year’s offer to help you do just that. For a limited time, I am offering all of my hypnosis scripts for just $1.00 each. 

Acne Acne and Skin Conditions Diet

The Surprising Hormone that Causes Adult Acne and How to Balance it for Clear Skin

If you’re a long-time acne sufferer chances are you’ve heard testosterone and other androgens trigger acne by over-stimulating oil glands. But these aren’t the only hormones responsible for acne. Often times stubborn acne is caused by estrogen dominance, which is a health condition that occurs when estrogen levels are too high or when progesterone levels drop too low to keep estrogen in check. 

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Massive Study that Examines Health and Environmental Impact, Finds Eating Meat is the Most Harmful Thing You Can Do

A recently published, first of its kind study investigated both the environmental and the health impacts of growing and consuming different types of food. According to this analysis, which included data from tens of millions of people, the foods that are the healthiest for humans are almost always the healthiest for the environment. Perhaps not surprisingly, animal products, and meat in particular, were found to cause the greatest harm to both human and environmental health.

Anti-Aging Diet Exercise Health & Wellbeing Stress Management Supplementation

8 Unique Tips for Increasing Longevity

Did you know that genetics only play a role in the determination of your life expectancy? That means a whopping determined by lifestyle factors, which is great news, because it means how long you will live, is largely in your control. If you want to increase your health, happiness and life expectancy (and who doesn’t?), all you have to do is integrate the following 8 longevity-enhancing techniques.

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Want Healthy Cholesterol, a Sizzling Sex-life and a Fit Body?: Follow Schwarzenegger’s Lead and Ditch the Animal Products

Meat, dairy and eggs have long been associated with virility, athletic excellence and super-sized muscles; but this is a huge misconception fueled by the animal agriculture industry. If you want to be a superstar in the bedroom, fit, disease-free and virile in your 60’s, 70’s and beyond, you need to replace carnivorous eating with a…

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Find Out Why Olive & Coconut oils are Harmful and Increased Blood Viscosity and Obesity

Coconut oil is heavily promoted as a health food that aids in weight loss. But don’t buy the hype because these claims are based on poorly designed studies and faulty presumptions. To date, there is no credible evidence proving that coconut oil is more beneficial than a placebo at reducing belly fat.[i] Don’t believe me?…